Printers agrees to deal with Als then stands up Popp at airp

Radio reports out of BC say that Printers agreed to a contract with Wettenhaul then stood up Popp at the airport :o

I heard something about how he was to meet Popp at the airport but did not show up. Did he really have a verbal agreement with the team though? That part is news to me.

It would have been nice to have Printers, but if he's making 500k in Hamilton, they can have him. In the salary cap era, you can't be throwing crazy money around at the drop of a hat. Frankly, that Hamilton team is so poor that I'm not sure even a QB of Printers's ability is going to be able to turn things around by himself.

What and see!!! Hahaha suckers!!! With Printers and Lumsden our run game is now unstoppable!!! Beware the Bootleg!!!

i have to agree with you.. this will be painfull.. you just forgot Radelein %!@%@%#@!$

Still though...does the mere fact that Popp tried to land Printers indicate that he believes AC is done? I mean, if you're AC, what would be going through your mind now? Don't get me wrong, I agree that 500k is way too much money to pay anyone in the CFL but it will be interesting to see how AC responds (if at all).

I think Calvillo is a pragmatist. He has to know that he isn’t going to be our starting QB for more than a few more seasons, so I doubt he’s angry or upset or anything. I have absolutely no problem with Popp trying to plan for the future at QB. This team is getting older at key positions (Calvillo, Cahoon, O-line) and we need to start developing replacements early or we’ll be in the TiCats’ shoes in a few seasons, which no one wants.

Exactly the case.

Developing a QB understudy is a priority given AC's age. So too is getting younger and more physical on the O-line. As for Cahoon, it'll sure be a sad day when he hangs them up. I had thought that Stala was going to develop into his successor, but with his rash of injuries now, looks like he'll end up like Girard, lots of potential never realized due to injury.

So I agree that AC's nose should not be out of joint over the fact that Popp make an offer to Printers. Smilin' Hank seemed a bit miffed in Calgary, calling it "stupid" for the Stamps to try to sign Printers, so there might be some feathers there that need smoothing out. Glenn hasn't said anything in Winnipeg, but he's such a quiet, team-first kind of guy that doesn't surprise me.

discipline and madjack, I agree with both you guys but I just find it weird that everyone has been talking about grooming a replacement for so long and yet Popp just now seems to have said to himself "Hey AC isn't getting any younger". Given how it has been for the past few years, I was surprised (pleasantly I might add) that he actually went after Printers.
I also wonder if they started discussing contract extention and either AC or the Als have concluded that this year is his last. Given Printers' rep, I don't think that there is any way he would have even considered coming here unless Popp told him he was going to be a starter in the very near future (at least for next season). Any thoughts?

Crimson, I too find it strange that Popp all of a sudden has realized that we need to develop a replacement for Calvillo. But at least it's the right realization. :slight_smile: Calvillo's contract situation is something I hadn't considered. You could be right. All I know is, we are in serious trouble if calvillo isn't back, because neither Brady nor Banks has shown anything to make me believe they can be a no. 1 QB in this league.

Well, if AC can't play on Sunday, we'll find out quick if Brady and/or Banks have what it takes. While neither has established himself in the CFL yet, at least we have some potential here, so may as well get a look see. At least they have more potential than our late, not-lamented backups like Nealon Greene and Ted White.

go with Will Proctor.......

:lol: God help us!

Seriously though, I am curious to see what Brady can do if given a REAL shot. Hard to form an opinion when all he has done is practice with the 2nd team and come in for mop-up duty.

My opinion of him took a substantial nosedive when he turfed a pass on a third-down trick play when he came in as the 'punter.' I think one of the commentators even said he threw the ball like a kicker, not a QB.

I just don't see what Brady has to offer, other than that one game in which he torched us a few years ago. I guess we'll find out what he has if A.C. can't play, but I am not sanguine by any means.

Fair enough but again...he did come in cold off the bench. I'm not saying that he is going to light it up but I would like to see what he brings to the table knowing the night before that he will be playing the whole game. I guess we'll see 8)

Is Calvillo really that banged up he can't go?

I know it was on the ground for a long time......

Well, today is Thursday and to my knowledge, he still has not practiced. I guess we'll know more by tomorrow.

I heard today on CJAD that he prob wont play

Its about time that Popp is serious about coming up with another quarterback. Other teams[ B.C., Regina, now Hamilton] have accomplished this so Popp is now on the spot to produce. Banks and Brady have both been unable to step into a first string QB's shoes with two teams and one has to doubt them in Montreal. I thought Popp missed an opportunity for a new QB when he completely ignored Jesse Palmer. Jesse languished on the bench with the Als and I wonder if Popp would have shown more interest in Jesse and, given him some playing time perhaps he might still be with the team. It will be interesting to see what Hamilton does with the excess QB's. Like MadJack I do see a parallel bteween Stala and Girard of players grounded by injuries. In this area I believe that Eric Lapointe was possibly the greatest player the Als ever had whose days in the sun were squashed by constant injuries.

All Montreal offered Printers was a stop gap contract for the rest of this year. They never shown Printers any interest in turning the team over to him for the long term or he would have signed. There is nothing Hamilton offered him the Als couldn’t have. Now the Als finally have the missfortune of losing Calvillo for an extended period and have NO ONE to replace him and will be competing with a red hot Winnipeg and Toronto team down the stretch. Its a good thing they have four games on Hamilton.