Printers a Miami Dolphin??

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According to MOJO radio in Vancouver former NFL quarterback Steve DeBerg is helping Casey Printers prepare for NFL workouts in Tampa Bay.

Sources tell MOJO that Printers will workout for the Dolphins in Miami on Tuesday and for the Chiefs in Kansas City on Thursday. The radio station says that Printers is getting interest from other NFL teams as well.

Printers was the CFL MVP in 2004 when he threw for 5,088 yards with 35 touchdowns and only ten interceptions. He was also second on the team with 469 rushing yards and led the Lions with nine rushing touchdowns.

Despite struggling with shoulder and toe injuries in 2005 Printers managed to throw for 1,676 yards and nine touchdowns with six interceptions. He also ran for 336 yards on just 38 attempts for an average of 8.8 yards per carry to go along with two rushing touchdowns.

I don't think he'll make it.

I think he just might, teams are always looking for a qb there and maybe they missed out on their scouting reports on Printers.

CKNW basically said the same thing yesterday on their newscast, but they also included Denver and Chicago as other interested teams.

Besides....How difficult is it to hold a clipboard for $400,000 a year? LOL

He be a rider next year

You're dreaming! I'LL be the next Rider QB before Printers is! LOL

...sayonora CASEY....till he gets tired off holding a clip-board like Ray....they have A LOT of talented QB'S in the states....good-luck... :wink:

They sure do paps..going to be a tough make for Printer's

He'll have to work hard for sure. I think he definetly has a good chance.

Good Luck!

D God, are you ******* me?

Printers is gonna be a Dolphin?

Why the hell would the Chicago Bears be interested in a new QB?

The only thing their quarterbacks have to be able to do is hand off.

I do not believe he has a chance. The NFL looks at a guy coming from the the CFL and say hey what did you do for you team last year. Printer Duh warm'd bench. Even though the year before he was MVP that will mean nothing. He goes in at a disadvantage for sure. Oh they will give him a look but that will be it.

if thats the case...where do u think he will be next year?....lions, argos, elsewhere?

They had Hank Burris on talking about going to the NFL and he stated that Printers is making the same mistake many of them do. Go down to early. He stated the NFL coaches look at your accomplishments you made the year before. And we all know what Casey did this year. They asked Hank where he felt Printers would end up. He said if Allen does not retire then the two logical places for Printers would be Regina or Winnipeg. He stated Garcia made it because he won a championship, therefore he had a higher chance of cracking the line up. However, Ricky Ray won a championship but did not make it.
Hank said he made the same mistake. This was on the radio in Calgary. So there is the take on that one.

Printers just might be that QB..that is under the talent pool politcs of the NFL..
He just might be,in the top four QB"s...of the CFL
If the Lions move him...they must have the radar on Bucky the QB..

...T.O....will go all out to sign Printers once he comes back and is available....I don't know if Casey would like to play second fiddle to would be the same situation he had with the Lions...unless Allen retires soon and that would give Printers the opportunity to be the main man...other clubs probably very interested ...would definitely be Wpg...OR POSSIBLY the Rens.....but I believe he'll be back...cuz like red in Cal. said.....he don't quite have the credentials...and the NFL. is a tough place to land a job ...even when you have everything going on... :!:

if he wants to go to the nfl he will be just like ray hold a clipboard get tired of doing nothing and come back to the CFL

maybe...he lands a job in the NFL and missed the '06 CFL season.
'06 season is allens last year.

'07, printers comes back to the CFL, and goes to the Argos...

very similar to Rickey Ray with the Eskies.

If Printers needs help tp prepare then I highly doubt that he'll even crack the practise roster line-up. Maybe he thinks because he cried on camera he's shown some grit and can play with the big boys!