Prince Hal and Sam the Rifleman

This is my first and most likely only contribution to any public forum. I put fingers to keyboard to state my preference of Sam the Rifleman and Prince Hal as the best passing and receiving combination in CFL history. Jim Trimble said to his team when coaching for the Tiger Cats and while reviewing film in preparation for and upcoming game against the Larks “ … and this Patterson he is just the best damn football player in the world?. Hal and Sam played in an era when some players played both ways (Hal did Sam did not) and the difference between the CFL and the NFL lay in the rules of the game and not the caliber of the players. Sam would go on to play for the St Louis Cardinals for a couple of seasons. I could go on and mention many items but one final point. When a group of ex-CFLers got together in the seventies during a time when there was some public discussion as to the best player ever to play the game, they felt compelled to publicly state that Hal Patterson and not Jackie Parker was the best to ever play the game. Some of you might feel that Doug Flutie was the best player ever to play in the CFL but I can only restate that Hal played when there was no player caliber difference between the CFL and the NFL

Prince Hal was the best in his era, maybe the best ever. Ricky Williams is showing people once again that the calibre between the CFL's top players and the NFL is not much different.

I agree Hal Patterson was the greatest the Als ever had.