primetime sports

Scott mitchell will be on with Bob McCown sometime after 5pm on the fan 590

Bob is going to say how Braley screwed the Canadian taxpayers with the Grey Cup and all of that and of course not mention that his buddy Howard Sokolowki, if he had owned the Argos this year, all would be perfectly ok and, well, just perfect and dandy. :wink:

Looks like Mitchell will be on after 6:00, This is the Big story of the day and Bob saves the big stuff until the last hour.

What Bills Game ??

Bills game, oh yes, where you will be able to pick up $80 tickets for about $15 a couple hours ahead of kickoff. :wink:

Scott is going to be on after the 6:40 Sports Update, Definetly Prime Time !

8) Yippie ki eh !!! :roll:

really? Box office or scalper?

I'm thinking scalper?

Scalper, my nephew picked up a couple for that price, can't remember if it was last year or the year before but that's what he told me anyways.

I got them for free, but i think 20,000 or so did :roll:

I'm getting really tired of Scott Mitchell's act ... and his legacy, or lack thereof, here in Hamilton.

Huge for the CFL. when CFL news after the season takes priority on the Fan 590 with the Bills in town this week. Rogers can't wait for this whole Bills thing to be over with as they begin to try to weasel their way into the CFL. LOL

It's only Tuesday.

Wonder why they waited so long to fire Cortez. Are they dealing with more lost time agan?

Scott talks about it below, its near the end of the show.

[url=] ... 1-6-pm.mp3[/url]

Yeah, I listened to it. No real explanation other than the team was indecisive for the past month and a half.