prime minister at roughrider camp!!

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WTF is with the american government...they really DO NOT CARE about the rest of the world....its one thing to have a disagreement with your political friends and neighbours, but to stab them in the back and steal from them is f***in wrong!....this is america doing what its done best ( under bush's reign of terror anyways )....ignore the rest of the world. NAFTA ruled american tarrifs on canadian lumber is illegal, and america ignores the ruling. when they are told a war with iraq b4 proof of weopons is an illegal war, they do it anyways...
when is america going to learn, we are all part of the human race and we should be pulling together NOT against eachother.


You should hear what PAT ROBERTSON , said today.........about taking out other world leaders. That should make friends in, South America.

It really makes me mad when people say that these arguements are some how , anti American............................!?!

or , that we are just jealous.I don't know what I would be jealous about???

I feel that ,...... [inspite , of our own national pass time of complaining about our own leaders and the weather]

..........even with our problems , compared to most countries in the world, CANADA, is a democratic paradise.

BUT this U.S. Government , not all American governments , not all of Americans really bad........hell , alot of Americans feel that way too.

Are Americans who don't like BUSH........also, anti American or just jealous?

People say that anti Americanism is growing in CANADA......well maybe ,we are just peed off by the way we have been treated , because sometimes we make better products than the U.S. or saying NO to an insane war.

People forgot ALL that CANADA has done for the U.S.

It has never just been a 1 way street.

Canada has been with the U.S in most [more than] 2 country wars in the last 100 years.

We are your partner in NORDA, and NATO and the only wars that we have said NO to were VIETNAM and the 2nd IRAQ war.

CANADA was in both WW1 and WW2 before America was.

We where in KOREA.........The 1st GULF war, AFGANISTAN [we are still there] as where the FRENCH , GERMANS ........ect.........

We also supply the U.S. with 16% of it's oil and we are your largest trading partner.

But maybe Canadians get angry when we play by the rules that U.S. has signed , AND this U.S. government doesn't.

How about MAD COW? It is just another example. :roll:

How about CNN and 60 minutes saying that the SEPT 11th , bombers ALL came in by way of CANADA, and telling every one that we are not very good friends?

In a never before done, move.....the U.S. Embassitor comes to CANADA and publically gives the government of CANADA , heck.? :roll:

How about the U.S. AIR FORCE guy who killed 4 Canadians in AFGANISTAN in a friendly fire incident........and then got a slap on the rist , that he is fighting.

It was nice seeing ANNE COLTURE on FOX NEWS.......saying that "we should just crush canada." :lol: :roll:

Don't some Americans relieze that American T.V. .....CNN , is seen all over the WORLD? And that 1 quarter of CANADA'S population is, FRENCH CANADIAN?

And yet what do CANADA DO before and after SEPT 11th??????????

A............we helped free the U.S. IRANIAN just 1 are more............

  1. We housed and clothed 40,000 Americans in GANDER [pop 40,000] for a week ,free of charge . The N.A. plains were grounded at that time.

  2. Our own ," I LOVE NEW YORK, week end " trip brought 3000 Canadians to NEW YORK , to help their economy.

  3. We offered fireman , suppies ..............ect.......................

  4. We had a national day of mourning.IN OTTAWA 100,000 + people showed up for a city of about 1 million......maybe less. :shock: :smiley:

Most of us have friends and family in the U.S. and we love to travell there.

Haven't heard about these , why not?.................and CANADA, is not your friend?

Maybe Canadians just want to be treated fairly............and not be accused of every thing in the our friends and neighbours.?

Maybe we actually wanted FREE TRADE?

If any one has a reason to be mad at is ,ENGLAND. [for saying no, to this IRAQ WAR]

Canada is part of the Commonwealth.........and we said NO to ENGLAND for the first time EVER.........but they never complained about that way the U.S. media and this government did. :roll:

So Canadians are just like Americans.........we DO have feelings as well, as does the rest of the world.

And AMERICA, is not the only place in the WORLD to love their OWN COUNTRY. :smiley:

AND GOOD FOR PAUL MARTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does the U.S. not realize that even IF those terrorists came by way of Canada, they still have to clear AMERICAN customs?? That floors me - they didn't just slip under our radar, they slipped under theirs, too. Easy short-term fix I wouldn't mind seeing: Cut off the supply of water and electricity to the U.S. Betcha that would help turn the softwood lumber thing around. . .

i say we supply or own country with oil from alberta, and not the US. and we keep all our water to ourselves ( or charge them outragous prices )

i read alberta is on pace to make 7 billion more than they thought, from oil sales.....all profit ( alberta has no debt ). u guys should lend halifax some money for a CFL stadium. 50 million is nothing to u guys..hahahahaha

dg - one of the few times we will completely agree with one another. . . :smiley:

As much as this is a football forum and not a place for politics, I must admit that the U.S.A. is burning bridges that have stood for over a hundred years as we have been freinds for most of that time, I have great admiration for America, and it's country men, the only good thing I can see right now in our relationship, is that slowly but surely Americans are getting tired of G.W.Bushes hidden agenda, the stripping of personal freedoms, and his lack of good policies when it comes to dealing with the rest of the world, and with Canada, God Bless Amerca, and may the devil take Bushes soul.

The prime minister at a Rider practise? Seems to me to be two losers stroking each other.

Wow. That was really ignorant. Losers, eh? We'll see who the losers are come this weekend. . .

Okay, you might have a point there. . .

As much as I hate politics.I give Martin credit for going to Regina.
He has been over here in the west more times than I can remember.
He's been out here what?5 times in the last 2 years.Besides he loves the CFL.

That small event the with the Prime Minister in the Riders jersey has been all over tv here in BC. Why ANY fan would make snide comments about that is beyond comprehension.

I thought his technique needs some work. The way he held his arms show that he hasn't been keeping up to date on technique. He came out low which was good.

You wanna be an American idiot!

I'm not a fuck ing american.

I'm not a part of a redneck agenda.

Welcome to a new kind of tension!

Going out to idoit America!

fuck America

Going back to the topic, you Riders fans are so lucky to have a PM vist!!!

I mean, BC is undefeated, and he goes to the Riders camp?

There just something about the Riders!

but the Bombers are gonna kick you butts nexy week and in the Banjo bowl, BETTER LOOK THE FUCK OUT!!!

There's more to it than just going to a "Rider camp" - the Liberal Party is having a meeting in Saskatchewan, and he was in Regina to announce our portion of the gas tax. If a similar scenario were happening in BC, I'm more than certain he'd be showing up at the Lions' practice. . .

That being said, it was nice to see him there!

We know that…you are cool as most Americans are …or what ever
BUT…just as the Toronto media gives us all [in TORONTO] a bad a name…this present U.S. Government , sadly , gives all Americans a bad name.It is not your fault…at all.

This is mostly not the Americans fault.

After SEPT 11th ,Americans were scare and angry…just as Canadians would have been, if it had happened to us.

BUSH , saw this as an opertunity…to futher the neo con, agenda.

And to make him and his friends very rich.

Americans wanted action…and for awhile the proper action was taken…going into AFGANISTAN…and the world followd as we should have. The U.S. is our friend.The U.S. has done many things for this world that are good.

BUT all the support,sympathy and good will was distroyed by the way BUSH handled the IRAQ war , and the countries that said NO to it.

If you are going to attack another country because they may have WMD…you better be DAM sure that you are right about it.

Sadly, the world is allot unsafer…and BUSH made a bad situation far worse , for all of us.

I don’t blame the American people for that…they have been fooled.
Now more and more they are seeing the light and are thinking with thier head and not their hearts.

Seen the price of gas latley?..some one is making allot of money right now. :roll:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

He has been to a game in MONTREAL…he sometimes whares CFL stuff at press conferences…and he goes to GREY CUPS…

At least that is better than , BRAIN M…doing NFL pics at THE FAN SPORTS radio. :wink:

The PM was in Sask because of something to do with gas taxes being returned to the provinces. While he was there he stopped in to see the riders. I know he is a big CFL fan, remember when he was interviewed at the Als game?
If I am not mistaken the riders were playing that night.

I was quoting some lyrics from the song "American Idiot" by Green Day, THAT SONG KICKS A**!!!

i saw greenday 2 weekends ago...kicked ass...40 000 tore a fence down after..haha

So much for the original subject...PM visits Riders???

Sorry , you are right…but I just want to make sure that my post and some others here , and explain to our American CFL fans that this has nothing to to with them and that this isn’t just blind anti Americanism by Canadians.

Some people really take offense by what we are writing , but sadly it is the truth. :frowning: