Prices for Play-off tickets. It's expensive to be an Als fan

Just finished ordering my tickets to the EDF on Ticketmaster at THF and thought the prices were quite reasonable. So I decided to see how they compared to all the prices for the other three play-off games and here is what I came up from Ticketmaster. Montreal is pricey - and they have a lot to sell in the next 6 days too. (This does not include pricing for Club Seats or Suites)

EDSF in Montreal ($53 - $150)

WDSF in Edmonton ($47 - $96)

EDF in Hamilton ($47 - $112)

WDF in Calgary ($38 - $115)

Ticats Game is almost Sold Out already :thup:

Montreal won't be :thdn:

I dont believe any of this… People pay way less for tickets through promotions. Why would someone spend half a days wages for three hours of entertainment? It just doesnt make sense.

Of course you don't. Want to take my tickets off my hands for face value.

Nah.. Ill wait until the day before the game and get the promo.

Well in Hamilton anybody who doesn't buy their ticket in the next couple of days 'waiting for a promo' will likely be watching the video board from out on Cannon Street - outside the stadium because the game will likely be sold out soon.

The Als do that. It will be the last tickets I buy and I'm not alone.

Thanks for the visuals Travel Pat. Montreal seems to be charging too much for tickets and appear to headed for a disappointing crowd. This also wouldn't be the first time the Als have gotten greedy. In previous playoff years they played to sold out Olympic stadium crowds then jacked up the prices until the stadium was only have full

I've been saying this for 3 years now and its come home to roost. Als fans pay 35 to 50 percent more than the rest of the league's fans and we won't even talk about 23 dollar parking a kilometer from the stadium and this team practices in a public park and gets a free shuttle service from the city... and forget about a T-shirt or thunderstick being handed to fans at the door...

Well apparently they lose money...lmao

I've never believed that and was kind of insulted that it would even be whispered. Certainly was not a revenue problem.

Don't believe it for a second either. The Als make money. This is just pure greed and they're about to be taken to task on it. (for the second time in recent history)

Yeah, but they are one of the smallest venues in these playoffs? I mean, Edmonton and Calgary both boast 30+ thousand seat facilities as opposed to Montreal's 25,000? Or isn't it down to 23 and change now?

Montreal also has to pay stadium rent per game I thought, unlike other stadiums in these playoffs that are owned by the team/tied at the hip with their owners (Edmonton) or have a set rate stadium management agreement (Hamilton).

Montreal has costs that some other teams do not have but it goes the other way as well. Als don't give millions to the city and charities every year either. They don't pay to build facilities for their players. They don't pay 800k to 1.5 million for bus service like Winnipeg does. Wetenhall or his entourage complained that Lalonde purchased a VOIP/Digital phone system to replace the old analog system they had purchased used 15 years before !

You take that 23 000 and you charge 50 percent more than what Hamilton is charging in their 24 000 building and you tell me who comes out on top.

The Als have gotten AMAZING support from fans and yes for a long time we were rewarded with an amazing football team but it stops there. Like one of the fans posted on a board. You could fit the entire Als operation in a small cube van.

The chairities I'm a little surprised at, since I though every CFL team did to some degree, but sure. As far as practice facilities, Hamilton doesn't (renting Ron Joyce or indoor facilities), Calgary I don't think does (them also running off the university stadium) not sure on Edmonton and Clarke/Foote Fields. As far as the bus service, well lets keep this to the teams in the playoffs. The Cats don't pay the HSR for the free gameday ticket deal, the city I believe tanks the loss since it drastically reduces drunk driving. It's also a little less then 50% but I get what you are saying. Still cheaper then Habs tickets I guess.

Why are playoff tickets not mandatory with season tickets in Montreal?

Back when there was more demand than supply they would move the post season game to the Big O. Different seats and they would charge more for playoff games. Do other teams charge more for their playoff games ?

Hamilton's playoff tickets are the same price as regular season tickets for season ticket holders and we can by additional seats at a discount :rockin: Thanks Bob :thup:

Not surprised that Edmonton is amongst the lower prices. They have a lot of capacity to fill, cheaper prices should help with volume sales. At that price point and playing the Riders, the could very well have a good crowd for that game.

I just checked the seats available for the BC Montreal game, there has to be 15,000 seats still available :thdn: WTF :roll: