Price retires

Wonder what the reason is. 31 year old come August and retires after cashing signing bonus. I'm not a CFL guru but something just not sitting right. Is he upset with coaching staff ? Could there be something with CFL screening on performance enhancing drugs ? How does this all effect the cap and weren't their also some draft piks involved in the trade ? Curious as to where this sits with others.

The trade stands, bonus goes against the cap, and apparently it had nothing to do with the CFL or the Riders for the decision but an outside of football situation.

I am sure that whatever came up away from the game made it an easy decision though...because he did renegotiate down and extend, so he seemed to be in it for a commitment

Even a bigger reason for it being a bone head move. Yes I'm going to throw Dressler in your face here. A guy that loved the city and wanted to play for us is cast off to get bigger bodies cheaper. All good and fine but one of those cheaper bigger bodies just rear ended us not only in picks but in salary cap too plus a signing bonus to boot. Real smart move.

Oh well as Forrest Gump would say "stupid is as stupid does"

Yah Jimmy I agree and I for one is still pissed over Dressler!

The Price trade and the Dressler move were not at all related...not sure what your point is here. But hey...perhaps you could have anticipated something would change in the man's life away from the game and never picked him up. I was never a big fan of the move...I didn't hate that he was picked up, but didn't love it....but it is pretty obvious something changed between signing him and now. Price renegotiated down and extended....clearly whatever came up away from the game was more important...can never fault someone for that....can never expect someone to see that coming.

And once again....keeping contracts like Dressler's means not signing guys like Capi, Foster, Greg Jones, Lawrence, Walter, Chambers.........You can't want change and keep the same can't keep a player at 1/3rd more than his contract is worth because he likes the team and is a fan favorite...know why? Because you end up 3-15 due partly to lack of depth. It is this type of pathetic management that has made the club the historic kicking target of the league much of its time in it. It is great to have a GM in place who can tune out the fans and not let them influence his decisions, and instead make the hard decisions that are best for the club.

He kept his mouth shut to get the money and retired. How many players get canned a day before a bonus.

OK I really, really liked Dressler - but he COULD HAVE NEGOTIATED A PAY CUT and did not. He choose to move on, we must also. Same goes for Chick. That's why my jersey is #44. He will always be a Rider.

Does anyone remember what draft picks we gave up for Price?

IIRC it was a swap of the 6th rounds and Riders gave the 7th...not the end of the world to lose that, but still sucks.

Dressler would have had to take more of a cut than he was going to get elsewhere...Chick, not so much...they were compensated well when with the Riders but their ridiculous contracts in 2016 were just that...ridiculous...overpaying by 150k combined...that is a huge amount in the CFL and cripples a club. Where was their loyalty when they became the top paid players in their positions in the CFL? People flack on the "they were loyal and wanted to be here" OF course they did...they were getting paid about 80k more than elsewhere

Some players rolled back their contracts to stay a part of the team, 2 did not. It is funny when people say they could have kept the couldn't...well, they could have, but they would have sucked as a team again...even if BT was around, salaries were getting dumped...why...there was no money left....BT admitted this....Reynolds said this after the moves and the mess is why there were firings....analysts said this........the team was in beyond pathetic they are not and should be very competitive.

So back in January you posted this
"Well that solves any utility issues, replaces T-Jax returning, and brings in a guy who could be a monster if he learns a proper waggle from a guy like Dressler.

What I don't like is that Price is like 160 or 170 or something like that. Murphy extended him then Huf shipped him out. I also know he can be an issue at times with drama...not a locker room cancer or anything, but drama

This seems like a move that the Redblacks just wanted to ship out a high salary and the Riders basically gave up a 7th round yeah.. That said, the Redblacks messed up their presser and put it out there that he had been basically he was already gone...the Riders came in with a last minute offer though

unless there was a renegotiation this almost assuredly means Dressler and/or Smith are goneso. If this contract, which IMO is too high, costs one of those 2 players...this is the new management's first big blunder IMO.

I call this a miss at that price"

I know there were rationalizations that the Riders wanted to get bigger,faster, cheaper, so Dressler was out but how did that work in this case? They cut Dressler that has other then tried to get on an NFL team never swayed from his loyalty with the Riders, yet Price had issues in Calgary as you mentioned. Dressler may have not been as cheap as Price but there is no doubt a far better receiver, We lose two draft picks when Ottawa was about to pull the pin on him anyways. We sign Price to an extension and give him a signing bonus.
Please do the math and tell me how this adds up to a smart move for the team? We lose probably thee most popular players on the team, we lose a better receiver even though he was smaller. Yes Price came initially at a cheaper cost but when you add up two draft picks plus the signing bonus plus the hit that we take against the cap for a player that had not even played one down for us then bails was this deal cheaper then it would have been to keep Dressler? If you add it up and consider what we loss I think its pretty easy to see Jones messed up not once but twice and the season hasn't even started. I'm NOT impressed. We got screwed out of keeping Dressler and then screwed again with Price bailing after getting a contract and then an extension and a signing bonus plus the draft picks. Yeah great move. :roll:

And I stand by what I was a respectable pickup to bring in a utility type player with some experience...and while it was not a direct move to go away from Dressler it was a pretty clear indication that they were preparing for the writing on the wall. It was not a cause of Smith or Dressler being displaced because he did renegotiate so there was room for Dressler negotiating to a reasonable contract. Again...I was never a huge fan of the move, but didn't hate it...him retiring now doesn't change can't anticipate stuff like that and to try to hang staff for it is a pile of you know what. It is not likely a move I would have made, but it was still not a bad move.

and is still a PILE...than Dressler's is not like his bonus was his entire contract. As for the draft picks, sure, it sucks losing a pick, but this is a 7th rounder

"My client is not open to renegotiation" remember who's side stated that. talk about loyalty...pretty easy when you are the top paid in the league at a position but not on of the top 5 players at your position. Not saying they didn't live being Riders and everything...but where is the loyalty when they pushed their wages up that high? Doesn't matter who is in power...those contracts are not going to be in place in I stated....everyone said it.

Parting with Dressler's fat contract was not a mistake. I am a massive fan of Dressler's but he he could not get paid what he was...same goes for Chick.

It is humorous when people want change without change

As for the utility issues....solved when they signed Laurence. I felt Price was on the fence for even making this team...that is where I have issues with the signing in the first place...I felt it was jumping the gun with a move when they knew they were going to be doing heavy scouting and FA season was coming...still didn't hate it though.

And for the record...I never said he was an issue and in fact stated it was not a locker room issue....just that he brought some drama....lots of players do...big difference