Price of seasons tickets

Highly interesting feedback by most commenters here sounds to me like perhaps basic political differences drive this matter also as much as any economics ...Alberta rocks so much that we even had separately been trying in a separate thread to propose a trade of many of our lands down here for it, but the effort fail far shore of course. :rockin: :stuck_out_tongue: Long live Alberta! :slight_smile:

EastVanMark just plain rocks! :thup:

They said the new BC Place will seat about 5000 to 5500 less due to the new wider seats that will be installed.

If little Johnny has a lemon aid stand and it cost him 10 cents a glass to make and he sells it for 5 cents a glass how long will little johnny be in Business for? If the Lions want to continue to be in business and run a viable franchise then this is a necessity that needs to be done like it or not.

If Johnny gets greedy and starts selling lemonade for $63 a glass he won't last too long either. (like it or not).

Thank you, kind sir!


[b]Ewww.... don't get me started on my wife's beloved Canucks. We went to our first and probably [my] last Canucks game a few weeks ago. They played St. Louis. I've seen a glacier move faster than that game moved. B-0-R-I-N-G! Another 2 C notes down the toilet while the lemmings flocked towards the exits. I can honestly say that I almost fell asleep.

You fight the traffic to get to the game. You gotta show what's in the bag so you're not caught sneaking in a Snickers bar. You're greeted by 50/50 sellers, souvenir sellers. You stand in line forever trying to buy overpriced food that the dog would turn his snout up at. You put up with idiot fans whose mantra is "drink and pss, drink and pss, drink and p*ss. You put up with fans who seem to have no sense of when the game is being played and when there's a whistle so you catch the only goal for that period on the jumbo tron monitor. You watch the little chickie poos and guys prancing around cleaning the snow off the ice during a commercial break when you know the only reason they are on ice is the push more advertising you face as you read the Mike's Hard LemonAid Logos on their little shovels.

You stand cause the idiots in front of you are standing. You make noise cause you're told to make noise. You come close to having an epileptic seizure as you are being bombarded flashing lights as if you're "watching" sensurround [is that even possible].

You fight the crowds during the intermission, while wondering , "Why did I come to this place anyway." And when the game is over you need to go to the bathroom for a whiz cause you didn't wanna miss the game and you didn't wanna go before the game only to find you're standing in a line that is 25 deep outside the toilets. Flush.....whiz, flush.....whiz.....flush whiz.....oh, oh, there goes $60. Hmmm....I wonder if they recycle that stuff?

You go home and fight the traffic again, cursing the guy who just cut you off cause he's pi**ed off too. You turn on the car's radio and listen to the BS from those who supposedly are in the know. You get home and do what you always do..... you turn on the tube to watch the highlights and then give thanks by saying, "Thank goodness I didn't by seasons tickets!"

Don't get me started![/b]

I know exactly what you mean . I was at the Nucks Oilers game and with 30 sec left in the game Joe buddy beside me decides he's had enough and wants to beat the crowd home so just gets up causing me to miss the game winning goal with 24 sec left . I did sit in a non-drinking section and found it to be more enjoyable and more Family orientated you can always have a quick one in between periods .