Price of seasons tickets

I am not ammused. They’ve gone up for where I sit quite a bit. The problem seems to be that there are 4 levels of ticket prices, before there 5 (excluding club seats). So basically the seats I normally get on the 30 yard line cost what midfield seats cost. I really don’t want to move to the 10 yard line and really can’t pay that much more and still go to the Grey Cup.

lets hope there’s lots of OT around the office the next few weeks otherwise I won’t be able to afford what I used to.

Damn Grims that's just wrong to stick it to the loyal fan who could not before pay the premium for the midfield seats.

And we are not talking of course here for chief sake for having enough money left nover to continue to buy premium whisky either. :stuck_out_tongue:

But did they stick it also to those with midfield seats too? For that matter, for all seats now at four different levels instead of five?

And then we have to wonder what really happens to the increase too.

Do the player salaries go up anywhere near the percentage of the increase in the ticket prices? And how many working folks are getting raises nowadays? I am hoping and it is looking good for me in a few months, but I don't count on it for sure.

Sure certain other overhead costs do go up for the ownership, but I would think so does league TV and marketing revenue nowadays too right?

For example if your season ticket prices are going up 10% or more and the player salaries except for the biggest stars go up 2% or less, I call serious BS on the ownership.

I don't know the figures there in BC or anywhere else in the CFL of course, but you get the idea and the laws of math are the same everywhere.

I know prices go up, they do every year but that's one hell of a big jump in one year. I dunno why they can't have another pricing level like before. Maybe they're counting on the novelty factor of the renovated stadium?

[b]The B.C. LIONS Ticket Prices Are More Than Fair! The CFL Provides FIRST CLASS Entertainment At A Bargain Rate In This Day And Age!

The GREEDY And OVERPAID canucks Are Way OVERPRICED For The More Than 40 BORING Games They Play!


Hey I used to sit in what is now called the Red Zone (section 238…old section 38 before the club seats came in) on about the 20 yard line they were very good seats. But now I see the price I used to pay would mean I would have to sit in the Touchdown Corner. However I have decided after last season at Empire to move to the Coaches Sideline (old gold & premium sections). I looked at it and thought well $600 per seat is not bad and well worth it, the reason being is there are a lot of aging rockstars out there that charge a lot more per ticket for one show than the lions seasons ticket prices… and they only play for 90 mins. We enjoy going to the games not for just watching the lions play, but the crowd atmosphere (with the exception of those who consume too much alcohol!) So is it worth it… I definitely say YES, and next year is going to be awesome!! Come on half the team were rookies and look where they ended, now they know the game and what is expected from the coaches SO watchout here come the 2011 Lions.


I'm concerned because I think it will alienate a lot of fans and they simply won't go to games as often if at all. I can understand incremental increases, but $100 over the course of one year? That's a bit steep on tickets that price in the hundreds anyway.

Maybe it will limit the amount of yahoos who just go to games to drink and ruin the experience for everyone else if so then i'm all for it . The real reason is someone has to pay for the renovations .

This is such a tired refrain for sure from any sports owner with a new facility whom one ever runs across no matter what kind of a sweetheart deal they got from any given municipality, province, or state or not.

Sure the increased overhead and its financing costs certainly could be the case but then why do not all the owners open their books?

I would think to question such claims from owners and parrot media that sound all like squeaky violins in this era of new sports complexes. For example if the increase in ticket prices is in the double digit percentages yet player salaries are increased a mere say 2%, what gives? The spread in such volume and any increases in other sources of revenue is not just going to all those new stadium costs when you factor in taxes, subsidies, and economic incentives for only the ownership. And then of course there are all those favours and freebies off the books.

Only a true analysis of the financial statements and notes (and as always the missing notes and reading between lines) will tell.

These price increase have been steadily increasing the last little while and does nothing to grow the fan base of the team. The Eskimos are masters of using their natural advantage of having a larger stadium by keeping their ticket prices lower. The lions on the other hand seem to keep taxing their existing fans. The club already has a mediocre hold in a large market; increasing prices will not improve that position

I have been a ticket holder since 2003 and I feel your pain.

2003 Prices:

silver ($150.00 + taxes) - 10 yard line
premium ($450.00 + taxes) - mid field

2011published prices

red ($450.00 + taxes) - 10 yard line
premium ($600.00 + taxes) - midfield

That means that my ticket prices have tripled (300%) while premium prices have gone up 33%
or in real money: 300 for cheap seats and 150 for premium in a period of 9 years.

Maybe ticket price increases should have been applied equally across all the different price levels.

For those who think the Canucks are over-priced - I sit about 12 rows up at center ice in the second level for about $58 a seat ($8.00 more then sitting on the 10 yard line at the lions game) And I don't have to use an outhouse there.

Do not agree anymore, a few years ago yea, not now.

I do agree with this.

You don't think that the seats at your yardline weren't horribly undervalued at just $15/game even if it was 2003?

I looked at other prices around the league a bit... when you compare the Lions prces at each yardline, they're pretty much right in the middle... not the lowest and not the highest. Their tickets around the 10's (Silver I think?) used to cost WAY less than what other teams charge now....

I think BC place has a larger capacity the Commonwealth, Vancouver has a larger market then Edmonton. The Lions are renting BC place so I'm sure with the Improvements the rent has also gone up. The Lions are smart to raise the Ticket prices this year as the increased attendance will be mostly people comming to see the new and improved BC place . Taxes in Vancouver are also increasing thanks to the Olympics and the HST and everything else that goes along with it. I still think it's a good deal and a heck of a lot cheaper then the Canucks.

Actually, Commonwealth has a higher capacity. Secondly, although costs are going up, the rate of ticket price increases are more than making up for them. In fact their ticket prices have been steadily increasing for a while now. The HST will have zero impact from the club's perspective. Finally, although cheaper than the Canucks, the gap between the 2 teams is narrowing; and while the Canucks hold complete control of the local market, the Lions do not and are looking to expand their fanbase. Until all seats (or at least the vast majority of seats) are filled with people's asses during games, the team should be mindful of growing crowds not driving prices higher and higher for those who have been loyal to the team these many years. The Edmonton Eskimo franchise "gets" this and therefore draw the most fans and have done so for pretty much every season in recent memory.

Capacity for Commonwealth 42000 pre 1983 now is 60081
Capacity for BC place 60000.
Roughly the same size not sure the Capacity of the new BC place. Ticket prices are on the rise due to the renovations and a higher cost of living and rent space. just compare house prices in Edmonton to Vancouver. People may not like the increased cost of seeing the Lions but the new Stadium, conssesion stands, may be a lot easier to sell this year .

Capacity of BC Place was 59,841. After renovations, it will seat around 55,000.

so they are pretty much the same size . The CFL market is mostly made up white males ages 25- 60 Edmonton's population is mostly white . Vancouver has more of a diverse population that has not really grown up with N American Football, add in the fact that the dome is like a sauna in summer this is probably why Vancouver is a tougher draw then the Eskimos .

Vancouver's metro population is more than twice what Edmonton's is so there is no excuse for drawing more. The team has drawn near sell-out crowds for playoff games so there are more than enough of a football market out there. Besides that, driving up ticket prices is no way to attract new fans who maybe didn't grow up with football. As for weather, half the CFL season falls in the colder fall/winter months so having a dome stadium should be an advantage at that point. So when it all boils down, the Eskimo ticket pricing scheme appears to be the best for long term success. Eskimo president Rick Lelacheur stated as much in an interview last season. (now 2 seasons ago).

I agree the Eskimos have always drawn well at the gate more so that less things to do as opposed to Vancouver . but like I said the cost of overall living in Edmonton is way less cheaper no PST or HST they have only one Tax the Rent is also cheaper for Commonwealth as well as staffing but so are the Wages so the costs of tickets is not much different from Vancouver sure if we went to Edmonton it would seem to be cheaper but only if you keep your Vancouver Wage.

Less things to do over there, more than twice as large of a population here. And with the cost of living being so high here would it not make more sense to have cheaper prices here than in a region where people have more spending money? Alberta's minimum wage is actually higher than it is here in BC and Alberta's overall average wage is also higher aswell. Also, there is is also only one tax in BC as the PST no longer exists here. Combine that with fewer taxes and lower living costs, Albertans have much more money to spend on tickets, yet their tickets prices are less. Finally, don't know about Edmonton but the Lions rental agreement with BC Place is unpublished so any statements regarding the deal is pure speculation