Price of beer at the games

Who has the cheapest beer at the games I was at the Lions game 2 weeks ago and a Canadiab was $7.50 Canadian.

I also think they should sell it in cups with the logos of the teams in the league so you can take them home.

For Taylor Field:

I don't really buy liquor at the games, but I'm pretty sure beer (Pilsner, Canadian, Coors Light), Long Island Iced Tea, Vodka and Pink Lemonade, and Wiser's Whisky are all $5 (I think thats all of them). They only give out plastic cups for the mixed drinks... with beers you just get the can. I think they're trying to cut down on waste.

Thats at least reasonable. Do the Riders make the money or the stadium?

Pretty sure the Riders get their cut from liquor sales (and all the concessions), and yes, everything is $5.
They just started with canned beer this year.
Unfortunately, they eliminated the Malibu Rum from the list last year.

You guys get mixed drinks in the stands? Damn thats awesome. I have to go up to the Edgewater (premium season tickets holders only) club to get a mixed drink, and it costs me $8. BC Place has the worst concession. This year they wentinto some exclusive deal with this 'Russell' beer. It's the only thing they server on tap, if you want bottles you have to go to certain kiosks. It wouldn't be a problem except Russell beer sucks. I mean, I can drink anything, hell Pil is my beer of choice, but this stuff is just awful. It even has a greeish color to it. :frowning:

My Dad's cheap and got tired of paying so much, or drinking that Russell kife, so he bought one of these.

It works great, mind you he already has a belly so it doesn't seem out of place.

I think Taylor Field will give you a run for your money in the "Worst Concessions" catagory.
I will admit you haven't exactly convinced me to go out and buy shares in the Russel Beer Co.

For the Grey Cup in Van, they didn't seem to have a good handle on actually selling the stadium out, but other than that, it seemed fine.
Not like the Ottawa Grey Cup where they ran out of everything--and I mean beer and food--by halftime.

I dunno buddy, they do sell some kick ass burgers!

At those prices i am surprised anyone can get pissed
£ 2.50 a pint at Harlequins Rugby League Club in London thats aound Can§ 5.50 :lol:

At Raider games I think it's $6.50 for something like Coors Lite (gag) and $8.50 for Dos Equis, which is great beer but horribly expensive. We usually cook up some brats at the tail gate and take 'em in with us so we only need to buy a couple beers.

IIRC, I think its 4.75 for Molsons/Coors (bottle or cup), and a bit more for a bottle of Smirnoff or one of the mixed drinks you can get. But i've never made a point of drinking at Commonwealth, unless its hot chocolate on a cold game day (thank god the game is a 1 PM game this weekend, supposed to be 16 degrees for the high). The real injustice at Commonwealth, is that they charge as much for their Coca Cola products this year as they do for the beer! come Gibsons Finest doesn't have a spot in the wait a minute,,,, i know they're not a sponsor of tennis....lawnbowling...croquet....badminton and assorted other events....but c'mon they are a proud sponsor of the CFL....I say they should serve Gibsons at the concessions.....(then again maybe we have enough 'goons' at the games...probably just cause a riot with the hard stuff) oh well just a thought.... :roll: :roll: :wink:

Prices in Hamilton are:

$6 - regular can
$7.25 - tallboy
$7.75 - 20 oz.

Bobby P is right BC Place has the worst concessions. High Prices, Warm Beer, Cold food. We always eat before we go inside. Keep consessions to a minimum.

When we visited McMahon and Commonwealth a few years ago, both Stadiums were miles ahead of BC Place in price and quality.

Once Arius buys me my plane ticket to Calgary (See post where I streak in Calgary) I may make a side trip and check out Taylor Field.

Of the stadiums I have been to, the places I had to wait the longest for beer was by far BC place. They actually ran out of beer at half time at the grey cup!!! and it took them 25-30 min to get new kegs in place.

At Taylor Field I never have problem getting drinks but I am on the less rowdy side, way less drinkers on that side.
At McMahon I just went to the more center beer vendors instead of the ones on the outskirts. The people on the 50 yard lines drink less then the cheap seats. Its all about being smart.

I've only worked one game this year, but I poured a lot of Rum.

FYI, we do actually have an airport here :slight_smile:

I know you do Rockey....Long story, off topic.

Your best bet might actually be to pass the hat and people will pay you NOT to go to Calgary and streak.....

Oh Arius you are so cruel! :cry: :cry: I'm hurt! :cry: :cry:

I have to leave for therapy now! :cry: :cry: