Price of a ticket between the 50s?

We don't have seasons tickets at Empire this year. What does a season ticket holder pay per ticket if he has seats between the 50s and about 6 rows up [either home side or visitors]?

I'd like to take my wife to at least one game at Empire Field this year. I realize a seasons ticket holder who might not be able to make it on game night might sell his tickets but I don't know at how much of a premium. I'd be okay taking something on the 35 line as well.

If anyone can help me out with some pricing I'd appreciate it.

beaglehound; you can go to the Lion's website, click on tickets and go through the promps.

Thanks Backer@oldclarke. I found the ticket exchange [after posting] and found the kind of tickets I'd like to get when ready to purchase. Thanks for the help.

A good rule of thumb is about a quarter to a third off walk-up. Just don't expect to see any beer-snakes.