Price Is Right!!!

Any word on a signing yet?

Just annouced Price signed


IS Saskatchewan about a 16 hour drive from Vancouver BC?

...not at the posted speed limit

Prolly about 18. Me and a buddy did Van to Winnipeg driving shifts in 23½ and not much over the limit. Around 115km/h once past Calgary.

Real good first interview. Seems like a real nice pick up by the Riders. He seemed to keep it honest and real and answered all the questions very well

Call me impressed!

Pinball’s little brother?? But a classy guy by the sounds of it.

I agree, he had a very good interview. Sounds like he is a very modest and humble person, and excited to be joining an organization that is comparable to the Seattle SeaHawks - He should fit right in. If he is a type of player like they say he is, comparing him to Russle Wilson, he could be an elite star in this league. With that said, I wonder what kind of contract he is signed to with us. Once DD is back, who do we keep next year Doege or Price? or is he young enough that he tests the waters in the NFL again, depending on his contract...

Personally I wasn't crazy impressed with Doege in PS, but have heard he is picking things up pretty well through practice. DD will be out long enough that if he should happen to see action this year, one of the guys will still collect a paycheck to sit...either way, we likely see who 4 of the 2015 training camp QBs will be.