Price for Als? Anyone know?

Anyone have any facts about the purchase price for the Als ?

I recall no details having been released ... expect it was mostly financial stability and commitment going forward ... along with some repayment (1-100%) of the money other owners contributed to operate the team last season.

If the money the other owners contributed ($2m each?) was to be paid back (which it was) then its fair to say the "cost" of the franchise was $2m x 8.

I think each team contributed something closer to $657,000 to running the ALS.

No price at all just take over all the debts and pay the bills .

It had negative value .

If you can find the debt taken on you have the price of the Als . are so declarative of your opinion being a fact. Anyway you may be right.
The Wettenhall family sold/gave the franchise to the CFL to run before 2019. Each team paid the CFL an equal amount to the CFL to cover the 2019 season which was run at a loss of about 5.5 million.
Then new owner came in. So you are declaring that the new owner took on the accumulated debt of post season 2019? Which debt are you referring to? You are saying the W family were paid nothing? Or are you saying the new owner has agreed to pay the CFL the 5.5 million of 2019 losses, that the 8 other teams will be paid back.

Truth is we do not have any information regarding the financials of the deal, or the circumstances regarding the Wettenhall's departure.

 EM That's just me wasn't trying to be snotty to you just giving a blunt opinion . 

Probably be some handshakes and nods followed up with some goodwill .

Really thats the price of the Als just some goodwill .

I get those expressions from business types who would look at something like that and say your just buying goodwill and a name .

Looked into several businesses over the years and asked advice with veteran business types and typically they would look at it and declare those words to me your taking over debt and any money your giving the current owner is goodwill value for the name or location .

Not sure money was exchanged for the value of the name or location since the league was running it at a loss .

Just speculation on my part .