Preview : "The Beginning, Through The Golden Years 1930-1967, Vol. 1"

A cover preview of what will be the fourth book in Roy’s Blue Bomber series “The Beginning, Through The Golden Years 1930-1967, Vol. 1”.

Coming soon…

Wow, cool!

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colorized version of 1950 uni fiasco

“The team decided to change uni’s…picked a horrible robin egg/baby blue with gold no’s that were hard to read…Also players got pissed and painted helmets gold themselves…It was gone by Aug. that year.”

Roy’s latest update regarding pre-orders.


*** All we need is your name and contact information and number of books you wish to purchase to


***We will contact you just prior to printing for payment.

***When the books are delivered we will contact you and advise a date, time and place for you to pick up your order.

***We estimate 3-4 weeks for print and delivery to us.

***All pre-ordered books will be autographed by the authors.

Be sure of a copy to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the football club. Hurry your order as this will be a “LIMITED RUN? of only 1000 books.

Should I assume that there will NOT be a pick-up location in Toronto? Where incidentally is the book being printed?


Email Roy, I’m sure you’ll be able to get a copy shipped to your door.

You’re sure then that Roy isn’t prejudiced against Blue Bomber fans born and raised in London, Ontario?


I have to give Roy full credit. He doesn’t accept plastic!

Roy has a very (“VERY”) limited number of these Special Edition Author’s Proof copies available now. Picked mine up on Saturday.
This edition comes signed by Bud Irving.

Roy has some of these available as laminated 11.5x 16 prints.
Contact him for more details.