Preview: Host Ticats battle Bombers for the 108th Grey Cup

Certainly. I will probably ignore the site, like I’m ignoring the Arkells and just watch the second half. Hamilton came to play as I expected but the Winnipeg’s D did as well. Only gave up 3 points in reality because of the blown call. I hope that doesn’t decide what is looking to be a very close game. Either Collaros or Harris or both need to pick it up. The 3rd quarter will be critical and Bombers need to keep it close as Hamilton will be in tough in the 4th against the wind.

Well the bombers have won it all. Honestly if you weren’t downright delusional you knew no one came close to Winnipeg this season in any shape or form. If they did not decide to rest in the last two games of the year they would have won every single game of the year except one. In almost every statistical measure this is one of the best teams and most dominant seasons we have seen from one team. No one came close to them in every statistical measure, they looked league above everyone else by the eye test. While this game was close as expected since the ti cats are an insane team as well and home field. The bombers again prove that they are the most dominant 4th quarter team we may have ever seen.

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