Prevent threads from muted area showing on homepage?

There is a thread I would like to ignore.

I have already “muted” the entire category that contains the thread.
When I visit the homepage I still see the individual thread in the “Latest” panel which is not the desired/expected outcome.

Can I mute/ignore an individual thread?
Why does muting the category not hide threads from that category?

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go to the topic (thread) in question and scroll down, at the bottom click the bell icon to get the tracking menu and you can mute it.


also this only works if you are logged in of course. if your not logged in you may see it depending on which category it is (some categories aren’t visible to anonymous users).


Many thanks, now I feel embarrassed I didn’t notice this feature before I asked.

no don’t be. when it comes to user support and forum functionality, there are no silly or embarrassing questions. :slight_smile: