Prevent Defence

Stop using the PREVENT DEFENCE. 30+ seconds 2 plays and their in field goal range. JUST STOP USING IT.


The old saying is the prevent D prevents you from winning.

#23 has to be better on that particular play.


Or perhaps the DC needs to stop doing it.

Two years+ of second-half defensive collapses...


But were we in a prevent defence? Or is that just “our defence”?

Coach O is a bend don't break D guy going way back. It has its moments. They have certainly been broken with it this year.

Leonard won’t be comfortable in the film room when they are watching the 50-yd TD from the first half either. Her had an opportunity to make the tackle for a short gain but whiffed.


When you're up only by 1 point with 30 seconds left then you can't afford to neither bend nor break. Especially if the other team is only 20 or 30 yards away from FG range.


I'm pretty sure there was a blitz on the Lewis completion. Man coverage on the best WR in the CFL. Brilliant.

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If that's true, Washington wasn't in prevent defense mode, then. He was sending the house and daring Montreal to beat him. Which, in an odd turn of events that is surprising even to me, an Als fan, they did.

You only have to blitz one to have man coverage. I am not sure how many blitzed on the play

Not quite following. You blitz one man in addition to the four linemen and you've still got 7 defenders against a maximum of 6 receivers. So you have safety help in that example, and maybe even able to play zone if even one player stays back to block.

But yeah, I don't know how many blitzed on the play. Probably wasn't cover 0, though.

I’d rather lose being aggressive than lose by sitting back and letting them complete as many 10-15 yard passes as they want.

Sadly, I think those are our only two options in the final minute of a game.


On that last sequence Harris completed the first pass to Wieneke. On that play the Cats rushed four and the LBs were about 10 yards back, the DBs about 15 and Adeleke about 20.

Montreal had 30 seconds to get about 35 yards into FG range. Easily enough time to pull off three 12 yards passes. Especially when the defence is already giving you those yards.

So why would the defence give them that much space?


Ask Washington and Orlondo. See if you can get an answer.


Don Sutherin was the master of the prevent defence. Didnt always work for him. See 1998 Grey Cup game.

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Leonard is a scrub.

Nailed it.

This was the prevent defence...and for some reason...this team does it all of the time. It has failed every time.


And yet, on the Geno Lewis catch, there was a Safety Blitz that failed. Why you DON'T double-cover Lewis at a time like that...

Back in Week 9 of the 2021 season the Cats were hosting Montreal and blew a 17-3 lead in the 4th quarter. Sound familiar? The infamous play that still stands out in evereybody's mind was when Montreal had a 3rd and 20 (yes a 3rd and 20) from the Hamilton 28 yard line with only 53 seconds left. On the next pass Adams throws a 28 yard TD strike to Lewis for the go-ahead TD.

You would like to give players and coaches the benefit of the doubt when a mistake is made. Maybe they can redeem themselves? Maybe they learned something?

However when the exact sames problems plague a team every single week then at some point the higher-ups need to change their strategy or approach.

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Was it really a safety blitz? Interesting. You can fault Washington, yes, but you can also fault the players themselves for not getting there on the blitz.

Just trying to sort this out, since Cats fans seem to be largely critical of Washington for running a prevent defense, and a safety blitz definitely isn't prevent!