Pretty strong attendance #s for preseason

except for the Toronto home game. Good work everyone.

BC had more than 24K today.

Do NOT believe the TiCat numbers. They reported 19.5k. I’d say 13.5. I’m wondering if they just included all season ticket holders. The North stands at Ivor Wynne were only about 1/3 full at best.

ya man on tv watching the game from wpg, ivor wynne looked EMPTY.

The CFL, like most major sports leagues announced the tickets sold for each game, not the actual attendance.

they may say that but the building tells a different story.. much like NHL.. and thats not all sold tickets anyways.. cuz alot of the times atleast in wpg on the radio during the week, on the facebook page, bombers website possibly even, they give away tons of tickets (id say about 500 a week sometimes combined).

and in the nhl.. some cities.. it costs 10 bucks to get in, i was in phoenix last year with a friend, we wanted to check out a coyotes game, so we went down.. we paid 25 bucks for 2 tickets in the upper bowl area and then moved down lol and could have sat front row really but dont like those seats as u dont really get a great view of the whole ice surface. :slight_smile: but just sayin that.. some cities in the nhl.. charge a crazy difference in ticket prices and stilll they draw flies. in the cfl.. i doubt i could get 2 tickets for 25 bucks anywhere..

neighbour out at my cabin, goes to phoenix in the winter, older guy heh, but.. he said he went to the lc this past december and purchased a bottlle of vodka for 10 bucks and got 2 free tix to a coyotes game.

id be interested.. in knowing how much cfl teams across the league charge for tickets and seasons and stuff.

i guess i could just check but its not that important :stuck_out_tongue: