Pretty stoked.

I work for a security company here in Regina and I just found out I am going to be working night shifts over at Luther College the next few days. It is where the team is staying during training camp (in the dorms). Basically I just have to make sure they don't get too crazy. I have a feeling this is going to be a fun weekend.

Any message I should relay to them? :lol:

Say hi to Prechae, from Hamilton :slight_smile:

Remind the new guys that Canadian beer has a little more alcohol in it than the American stuff.

I've been working there 5 day already, have two more until i get some time off. So far I have seen nearly all of the new guys. I have seen Dinwiddie a lot, had the chance to say hi to him. He is constantly texting on his phone. I have never seen him without his face hiding behind it.

Saw Prechae. He is really friendly. So is Bullock and Francis. They are all generally nice guys. And they have wicked nice rides. Prechae drives a big black truck with really nice rims. It's kind of funny to see him driving it.

Also, saw Fairooz this morning. I am going to hazard a guess that he broke his ankle because its been casted up and he is in crutches. That guy is scary tall. He was towering over me.

appreciate the updates man! :thup:

Just got back from work a little while ago. Before going to bed I thought I should mention that I saw most of the team in the cafeteria this morning eating breakfast. I saw Fairooz trying to get down a flight of stairs with a lot of trouble. He seems to have ditched his crutches and is wearing one of those big black boots. Seems like he is trying to see how far he can get in his condition. He looked like he was in a lot of pain.

There was another player I saw going down the stairs with some of the other guys and he seemed to be having trouble getting down. No idea who he was. Maybe just sore from practice yesterday.

Speaking of sore I saw Bagg, Getzlaf, and Dressler arrive at the college around 6 this morning together going into the cafeteria. I noticed that Dressler was limping pretty good. I am guessing its just his leg acting up due to practice aswell. Hopefully nothing a bit more serious.

Also, I was surprised to see Smith was canned yesterday because I did remember seeing someone packing up a pontiac yesterday morning and I thought it was one of the riders because it was an out of country plate. I think it was Michigan plates or something. Or Montana.. Something like that. The guy packed up, seemed to be saying bye to a couple of guys, and then blowing dodge. Didn't really think anything of it until i heard about Smith. Hmm. :expressionless:

I'll try and keep whatever updates I can, really. There isn't much to say other than they really like to play Madden 10 and they tend to leave the TVs and lights on in the common areas. I kind of feel bad for them though. The building is wicked hot at night and the dorms are small and crappy. But I guess they have to stay somewhere.

Maybe I can post pictures later if I happen to take any pictures tonight with my phone. Tonight is my last night there. The seventh night in a row. Gets tiresome.

Anyways. Cheers.

Ah, one of the old myths. In reality most mass commercial swill beers are the same, it just that all Canadian beers are measured by % of Alc per vol, whereas in some US states they do it by %Alc by weight. This lead to the impression that the average Canadian beer was stonger.

The other point to make is that with the advent of craft beers over the past couple of decades there are some killer by vol beer coming out of some states, if the local rules allow it. In Saskatchewan, the law says a beer can have no more that 8%, which is to bad as that means certain styles of beer are illegal to make in the province (some other provinces have similar rules).