Pretty snazzy camera angle at Empire

It looks great on a HDTV...I wonder if TSN can get their cameras to do this at all stadiums.

It's a shame they have to back to the dome !

hmmm I think making Ivor Wynne look good is gonna take more than a different camera angle. :lol:

But you're right, Empire is simply beautiful!

I hope the new stadium in Ottawa will look this good...

Actually, I think I know what works with Empire that makes it seem so fantastic. It's that old-school, classic feel. It looks like a stadium from the 1930s or something. Here in Winnipeg the Goldeyes are a big draw (independent baseball) partly because the stadium is so looks and feels like you're in a 1930s stadium, which really adds to the experience.

I think the tendency is to build futuristic stadiums, cutting edge, etc. But i think both casual fans and the hardcore feel a little more excited to walk into a new stadium that feels like it has roots as old as the league itself. If they can build a new stadium in Ottawa that captures the history of CFL football, I think they'd draw more people on a consistent basis.

for sure thats a nice ballpark in the peg but i think, its hardly popular, i mean it seats like 8000 max and rarely sells out and tix are 5 bucks.

trust me if tix were 20 30 40 bux for less than minor league baseball, ppl wouldnt show up.

ok, let's not talk out of our ***** right now.

they average about 6000 a season, once it's all said and done...and tickets are not $5....they range from $7 to $18.50, and it's ALWAYS the cheap seats that are the most empty.

yes, it's still cheaper than football games, but I'm just saying what I know...if they didn't have a nice ballpark with great concessions they'd draw a lot less people....there's a lot of people at those games that don't care about baseball at all. Friends can easily get their non-sports friends out to games because of the stadium.

i would go if the team was actually worth watching, i've been to at least 20 games, and i don't think i've once seen a home run, my grandparents love it because its not too exciting but they also love watching curling... :wink:

I've been really impressed in general with TSN's camera work this year so far. They clearly invested in new camera's and technology and they must have a new producer or something, becuase the camera angles are way tighter and there are so many shots of the play from field level. Its fantastic.

I think the next step for the league from a marketing perspective is for the fans to get to know the players, and the new camera work by TSN will go a long way in people being able to recognize the players.

Keep up the good work TSN in helping to grow Canada's game!!