pretty quiet offseason so far...

i don't know about you guys but this off season so far has bin pretty quiet, last year around this time there were some things going in the right direction. nothing new to read or hear about, i need something to read! make some moves i liked being off my seat last year during the off season. coming onto this website to read about move made:) lets make some deal here!

I has been pretty quiet. Aside from the caretaker updates and such, theres not alot of info/trades floatin around this sight like there was last year. Maybe thats in part becuz we have an experienced/knowledgable GM that knows whats g2b done.

I got a feeling tho that as soon as this new coach signs, theres gunna be alot of transactions going on.

Off season? That begins Nov. 20th.

Aren't the East/West Semi-final football games
that are going on today good enough for you guys?

Um, most teams are still playing. What moves can we make. Coaches are still coaching, so we can't hire one yet. Players are still playing, so no trades yet. Free agents aren't free agents yet. We're doing nothing, because theres nothing to do.

sounds so simple, doesn't it? and yet.....


The CFL has a rule that no 2007 coaching annoucements can be made until after the Grey Cup.

Relax it's not the offseason yet, we can't make trades nor can we sign free agents, I'm sure Paul Giamati and company are reviewing film on prospects and the team to see how they want back and getting a game plan together for the offseason.

the reason last off season was so busy around now was becuz we were making other teams better for their playoff run. (ie. eskimos-troy davis)