Pretty Positive National Post article

Actually more of a op-ed piece and it's not all doom and gloom. Not surprisingly, it was written by a Westerner instead of a Torontonian.

Yet if his job needed the government to help him out what would he be saying then.

I could give you a long list of why the CFL's on-field product will never be as good as the NFL's. The most devout CFL fans bristle at such suggestions, insisting our version of the pigskin game is far more exciting. But because three-down football does not permit sustained offensive drives like the four-down game does (nor does it require intricate defences to stop four-down offences), and because we will never be able to recruit the top U. S. talent, the excitement in the Canadian game is too often generated by mistakes rather than athleticism or strategic cunning.

Frequently the storyline of a CFL game goes something like this: one-two-punt, one-two-punt, one-two-? wait! some-one's missed a tackle/misread the coverage/ dropped the ball/thrown an errant pass and the other team is going to score!

B.S! This is positive? This guy should stick to his farm report, he knows nothing about football.

Agree X, he also lost me with the excitement factor going to the No Fun League?

This is the stuff I thought was pretty positive:

If the Canadian Football League is to survive the next 10 years -- and I suspect it will
(TSN) will raise the league's profile and expand its viewer base, not by changing the game itself, but by implementing a fully modern marketing strategy that will boost both the league's bottom line and the network's ratings.
In recent years, attendance and viewership have begun to climb. The Grey Cup is once again the most-watched Canadian sporting event each year, surpassing the Stanley Cup final and the Brier. (Last year, it even beat the Super Bowl among Canadian viewers.)
Its common for one of the CFL true believers to say the CFL has turned a corner and things are looking good. But for someone to say that the NFL is better, but the CFL will make it anyway because they are doing things right, I think that's pretty positive. But maybe because I'm positive about the future of the CFL I read it into articles.

LOL another report for the good old toilet paper special newspaper. He had a few positives but more negativity for my liking. The two games are different and unique for each country. The bottom line they play football. The one with four downs is more rushing orientated and the other is passing. I do not know about this guy but I find the passing game more exciting then rushing all the time. He states that in the CFL the teams score through mistakes. That happens in the NFL as well. Most scoring plays are caused because of a mistake and that is in both leagues. The guy is plain dumb. He did not mention that the NFL is more suited to the power and strength type players. The CFL is for the finese and fast type player. Why compare the two? The CFl will survive because of their fan base and the ownerships of each team. It is time the CFl starts to do a bit more marketing and maybe get TSN to have weekly shows highlighting teams. The biggest factor for survival is the next generation of fan. Get them to the park cater to families (family package pricing) and of course crank out a CFL game for the kids and adult kids. They need patriotism of its fans and I think they have that in many CFL cities.

As much as I love the CFL.... this statement has been true for atleast the last two seasons..... I pray that Huffer will save us...... FIRE DOUG BERRY..... He just got rid of a kicker because he couldn't pin a team from their own 45.... You should be thinking of gambling if not a field goal......not a frikin punt!!!!!!! Conservative coaching is KILLING THE CFL......THROW THE BALL DEEP ATLEAST FIVE TIMES A GAME......

You can't blame the offensive coaches for calling a conservative gameplan. CFL defenders today are so athletic and well coached, they will pick off any iffy passes and return them down your throat. Game, set and match.

I suspect if you compared stat for stat with the NFL you would see that the two leagues are comparable, if you eliminate the top and bottom teams from each league. Fo If you don't then the NFL look as competitive. For example there is an 23 point difference between the top team and bottom team on average scoring per game. In the CFL it is 12 point spread.

The styles and difference in game are what make it unique. There are those who like the power style of the NFL and there are those that like the movement and speed style of the CFL. They aren't really comparable put are more a matter of personal opinion.

Heh, he actually said the CFL isn't based on athleticism? Can't take him seriously after he spouts drivel like that. Tell it to the typical gap-control d-line bodies who flame out in the NFL, come up north, and get absolutely exposed when they have to contain the enemy quarterback or running back on the wider CFL field. Or any player getting used to the 20-second playclock. Or any kicker who has to cover downfield on a missed field goal.

Look guys, the writer obviously doesn't know what the word athleticism even means. This has to be a joke since the guy doesn't even understand the strategy of football. Of course, he never said as we so often do about 4 down ball where the strategy has often been labelled "3 yards and a cloud of dust" referring to the extra down making it more of a run game and more uncomplicated ie. hand the ball off more often.
Either way, I have tremedous respect for all facets of the game of gridiron, 3 or 4 down. This writer doesn't know the game at all.

Check out this article. One of the most positive yet. It's not the National Post but it's more coverage.

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...well maybe not positive, but a good one.

Looks like Godfrey and Ted's idea of NawFuL football coming to Toronto is not going according to plan!!! Eventhough they said "180,000" people had put thier name in for the ticket lottery, only about 27000 have bought tickets!!! And that is number that is coming from Roger's. These #'s may be over inflated as well!!! Can you say lots of freebies to make the place look full!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: