Pretty Good!!

I have gotten to read alot of posts about the West Final. The trash talking is pretty good. Keep em coming, some of them are funny. At least Riders fans know how to have fun with it. If it were Esks fans, some of these posts would have gotten nasty by now.

I was just wondering if there was an East Final going on this weekend. No talk on the boards. Maybe the West Final is the Grey Cup game.

I have to admit Rider Fan is all class! Im spouting junk and they email me about how much they enjoy it! BC Place stands will be out of control, I hope Rider Pride really represents.

What is this East Final you speak of?

Is there an Eastern Final this weekend? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: is updating the ticket sales everyday....alouettes havent givin one update yet.

when u read how the ticketsales are getting higher and higher, u get more excited about it, and it makes u want to pick up tickets to be part of the party...

BC lions seem to know this and the als do not.

Its an hourly "new total" on the radio.

I think the radio guys take it as a game!

good...make it fun, keep people informed, create desire to buy tickets now, cuz they wont be left if u wait.

good on the radio guys. says over 40K sold so far.

since monday thats over theyre lookin at 45K at this pace.

With the years, I have learned that whenever I brag about something that has yet to be done, I am forced to eat crow afterward.

A wise man once said… well, okay, it wasn’t really a wise man… it was Spiderman… Anyways, Spiderman once said: “With great powers come great responsibilities.”

With that in mind, I believe it is my responsibility not to screw things up for Montreal, its team, its fans and its 2 million people population just for the fun of trash talking a little.

I won’t even predict a winner.

I respectfully fear the Argos, for I know they can always pull a bunny out of their arses, and anyone capable of doing that should be feared.

Fear the brown bunny.

LMAO...... thanks Third I just snorted coffee all over my monitor.