Pretty darn good

As an avid Als fan and an easterner, I was truly hoping that 2006 would be the year the Eastern Conference could finally lay claim to be actually better than the west.
Obviously, this will not be the case.
The Stamps were superior in every way to the east-leading Als last night. I have long suspected that Burriss was the best QB in the league. After last night, I’m convinced of it.
The Calgary defence—often maligned this year—was dominant. The coaching and play selection were letter perfect. The receivers were great and the kicker was flawless.
While one of the great things about the CFL is its inpredictability, I feel you Stamps fans would be more than justified to start talking Grey Cup.

....maybe a bit premature IMO to talk Grey Cup, but our playoff situation is looking a little more was a decisive win....and the talent this team has stacked up came together last night in all aspects of the game....

ya the Stamps play a very descent game and they used their receiving team to an advantage. But i would have liked to see Renolds run a bit more. The Als played a good game they did their best and AC threw a good game with very good numbers. I also liked it when copeland started that bobsled thing it was funny i got a good kick out of that.

I'm a CFL fan from Ottawa, albeit not as avid as in past years. I have always been impressed with Henry Burris. I remember when he played at Temple and came to Canada.

Overall, he certainly has had a fine year, and he looked good, aside from a few shaky moments against Montreal.

I hear that Wes Cates is related to Larry Cates who played for the Ottawa Rough Riders back in the 80's. Larry lives in Kanata, Ontario and is coaching the Kanata Knights Midget football team.

Good luck to the Stamps this year!!!

You will find that Stamp fans do not jump the gun! We will first try to make the playoffs. And Once we are in the GC game then we talk GC! Burris seems to be a slow starter and really there are many QB's that are good in the league. Hank just might be one of those!

I'm not even going to mention the name of the championship, because it seems to me the second we discuss possibly winning it, we lose. The Stamps have had many, many great teams in the past.. most of whom have blown it in the big game. So let's shut our mouths and not look any further than labour day for now and hopefully we don't jinx anything.

Yup and I guess that is the case no one is on here saying this other then a great Als fan!