Pretty Classy

Read this article. Pretty impressed with Notre Dame's coach. Hopefully you can click on this link.

'Live for today for tomorrow is always another day,"

nice story, thanks for the link.

...makes some of the squabbles on this board seem awfully trivial...

I read about this in the Philadelphia Inquirer, and I thought it was very classy of Charley Weis to do so. I'm not a Notre Dame fan and never have been because of their attitude that they think they invented football. I am a Charley Weis fan however, and even more so now because of the compassion in his heart to make the final days of young person's life a little bit better. We need more people like Charley Weis, Tony Gwynn, Harold Reynolds, and other like them that really care about people and aren't afraid to show it. All I can say is thanks for being so classy.

Very Classy.....Kind of choked me up a bit too!

Thanks for the link!

YA I read this yesterday. Very classy move. too bad the youngster didn't get to see it.

Nice story, thanks for the link.

.....bit of a tug at the 'ol heartstrings there.....thanks for the lift, Mr.

Ack!!! I actually got choked up after I read that...really puts things in perspective.....the poor kid was a football fan and it really made me think why I came to this site in the first place.....time to evalute my posts... put down the sword... and try to get along with everyone.....

Great Story..