Pretty Boring Offseason So Far..

anybody else find this site extremley boring latley... nothing to read.. or any news.. everytime i check this site its the same thing.. IM BORED!

Well....what are you waiting for? Start a post to get people involved!

Well you could always start an expansion thread…

Go to your room and sit in the corner! :x :x :x :x :x :x

There are 4,893 expansion threads on the main forum already. :roll: :roll:

Ok here we will add a little gas to stoke up the fire---The Ti Cats WILL make the playoffs and have a first round home game which they WIN vs the Als, then it is off the the Peg to play the Bombers in the Eastern Final--but not all stories end well we lose by four and by the way Brock Ralph catches the winning TD for us to beat the Als---mark it in stone you heard it here first.

P S---Grey Cup will be repeat of 07 with Bombers winning this time

O7 you mean the new 08 Team

He should be more worried about getting Armour under contract, then he can make a trade to entertain Blitz. :wink:

Agreed we need the Big Dog Back .
So we better Higher a DC Quick .
Get Working on Armour New Deal.


please remember that free agency opens feb 15th so mark that day on the calendar and you will be happy!

Exactly. Wait a couple more weeks, then you should be sufficiently entertained. After all, the CFL needs a holiday too. :wink:

I guess today's broughten some "oomph" to the offseason :slight_smile:

Wow, was that a record yesterday for the most posts or the most pages on one topic in one day in this forum?

Unbelievable how many people actually read this forum at this time of year and how many chose to respond to the hot topic of the day.

And someone recently thought that it has been a pretty boring off season so far! It must have had quite an affect on the heart rate of most of the readers.

In my best Jim Ross: “Business just picked up!” LMAO

The next shoe will drop soon and I expect it will be a mountaineering boot. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

This is real a Slobberknocker

Who will Win NCAA vs the CFL.

Damn you straight to hell, HHH, I mean Bill Stewart! LOL

Joking...of course! :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

We need more whine and cheese....Buuurrrrrrrp.

taaffe he hits the NCAA With Ticats Steel Chair
He bleeding like a Stuffed pig.


Go Leafs Go....Go Leafs Go....Go Leafs Go.