darian takes to long to get rid of the ball. the riders need to set up the offence differently against teams like calgary> he needs 2 backs so he can dump the ball off if the other team keeps pressuring him. what happened to screen passes and shuttle passes ,that will stop some of this pressure. last year when sanders was in there to he was having a great year till he got huert, i would be nice to take a look at that maybe, unless it's to late in the season. you can't have 3 recievers and all the rest blocking, unless they start passing to the tight ends they don't always have to go for the long pass, this seems to be a problem with this team>

and then he will has to whom?
The more you block, the less you have to pass to. the plays where he took forever to pass were generally when he had extra blockers, and thus fewer receivers.

As everyone knows Rome was not built in a day. All it takes to move the sticks is generally 10 yds. Maybe Cortez should concentrate on moving the sticks and the rest will fall in place. I think the Riders regressed yesterday. I guarantee they wont win a west playoff final playing the scheme they did yesterday. The four turnovers should have sealed the deal. Defense played a good game until Tate came in then everything went south. The way I see it the Stamps made all the necessary half time adjustments and the rider offense just pounded there heads against the wall.

even carm carterri suggested during the game and in his post game analysis suggested change was in order to screen passes and quick dump passes.The rider never adapted or Durant can’t adapt,how surprising is that ? I suppose Carm is not an expert either?
Sheets was angry, according to the radio play by guys, at the play selection as well.
maybe it is time to adapt a john huffnagl coaching style where if the QB sucks by half time you make a change.
30 td passes or big stats means squat if you lose the big ones,your flimsy excuses are running out.

I will say this to you, Willy is NOT the answer, not at play-off time, I don't believe Willy will ever be a great QB JMO!

I respectfully disagree. Willy has traits that DD still hasn't learned despite being a starting QB for years in the league.

  1. Willy doesn't hang his head on a bad play. DD does and that is poison that tells the rest of the team he has lost confidence in himself.
  2. Willy knows what a pump fake is (DD has pump faked exactly 7 times in his career, 6 went for 30+ yards, one incomplete, guess what that means that he was also going to his second or third read those few times)
  3. Willy looks at a second and third read. DD walks up to the line looking at who he is going to throw to. You want to know why Superman hasn't been getting the ball, it's because most of the plays he is on, he is the second or third read. The one game that Superman had a great game was with Willy at QB.

Willy has one thing to learn, when to toss the ball away. That is easily taught and comes with reps.

A DD offense is probably the easiest assignment that defenses have had. Watch his head because that is where the ball is going to.

i think you would see a different game if DD was allowed to call his own plays. He has played with this offense alot longer than Cortez has coached it. Unfortunately its Cortez's way or the highway. bitching about Durant. Was Durant not calling screens or runs or was that Cortez? Oh right...Cortez. Your 'flimsy' statements suggesting that the play selection is somehow Durant's fault ran out the first time you used them.

Huff did the change for 2 reasons:

  • Tate is better at the long ball and he wanted to back the Rider D off
  • He needed to see who his #1 and #2 were. He has a lot of decisions to make not only for the playoffs, but the expansion draft. If Tate sucked, Glenn would have been back in.

i think durant is fine as a q.b. but they all want to make him a pocket passer , and he doesn't seem to pick up on it, let him call his own plays, then, that is when he seems to do best. screens, dump passes, shuttle passes. tight end can make a quick block then slide out to the flats. there's lots of ways to reduce the pressure , you don't always need a 30 yard pass. ????

We let DD call his own plays a couple of years ago when the old man stepped back into the coaching role. It wasn't pretty. DD has all the physical attributes of a great QB but hasn't grown at all with the field smarts since becoming a starter.

well maybe darian's had to many offensive co-ordinaters., he needs some consitency and that would probably help over time. the riders are 11 and 5 , so they are doing good, they just have to find a way to reduce the pressure he's getting from some teams., that's my only thoughts really go riders

I think one point is being missed in all this and that is the head coach has the final say, or at least he better or something is really wrong. Why during the regular season wasn't Willy or even the 3rd stringer at least given some playing time?

I never liked the fact that come hell or high water we stick with Durant the whole game unless he gets banged up. God forbid if they play him against Edmonton and he goes down then what? Neither back ups have had any game time except the one game Willy did have to start and to have to use him in a playoff game would likely not turn out well.

I get it that Durant is number one, but other teams are not afraid to put in their back ups if things are going no where.
This mentality of Durant starts and finishes every game unless he is hurt is gong to bite the team in the ass and hard.
We have little to base if either back ups are keepers or we should be shopping. Look at Montreal and how their season went when Calvillo went down, they struggle terribly for most of the season, and if they were in the west they wouldn't be looking at a playoff spot.
The fact is Durant's shelf life is going to expire and with no one even getting a look at for the position are we going to end up like the Bombers with teams that suck for a few years until they can find someone? Does anyone want to go through that again, especially like Winnipeg building a new stadium?
For the good of the team in general I feel they have to give back ups meaningful game time and we really need to be grooming someone to take over when Durant is gone. Not to do so is being irresponsible to the fans and the general financial well being of the team.

the HC might have the final say, but they wen tout of their way to bring in Cortez. I felt a little iffy on it, as I thought Dyce was coming into his own.

Look back at the first half of the season and the 2nd half. You can see an issue pretty clearly. Cortez provides the hot routes to Getz, Dressler and Smith. That's it.

Smith is an average receiver so they don't cover him tight
Getz can for the most part be covered in loose man
Dressler needs doubled up on.

Beyond that there will be 1 - 2 targets, that rarely get the first look. that leaves 6-7 men on the DL. no OL can cover that. If you are not establishing a running game or passing 8-15 yards over the middle, the LBs are coming. The Riders are choosing to make themselves one dimensional, and any D is going to feed off of that.

Bagg rarely gets a pass
Simon neither
McHenry was the best receiver the team had in the last 3-4 games of 2012...he has 9 catches.
Sanders has been worked out of the lineup and has 10 times the hands Sheets does.

This is a team that only dresses 6 receivers, forget actually using them all. Durant has been pretty consistent about hitting 6-7 targets, but it is still not being spread around enough. Geroy needs 4 -6 catches a game. McHenry 2-3, and it was a mistake releasing Carr...their only big frame they had...sorry, Smith just doesn't count.

This is a sub par under utilized group right now, and to make it worse, they keep ending up in the same damned spot on the field, meaning there is extra coverage on all of them.

So here's the 10,000 dollar question,why the change from the first half and the second? I agree with your observations I just can't figure out why? Was it to do with Best going down and they didn't have confidence in the fill ins? Was there a big fall out between Durant and Cortez? Something must have changed and other then those two things I mentioned I can't think of any other glaring changes to just abandoned what was successful to what we see now.

Right now the offense seems to have no chemistry, certainly not like the first half, and at this stage of the season it's probably too late to think it's all going to fall into place. What happened? Cortez looked like a genius in the first 8 games now it seems he is grasping at straws trying to figure out defenses. After the Banjo Bowl the formula was set on how to beat the Riders. In that time frame since surely you would have thought they could come up with an answer to counter the heat and plugging up the middle of the field. That was why they paid Cortez big bucks in the first place,to give the Rider's offense a new spark and look and keep defenses off balance. In the first half of the season yes they had bad starts to games, but by the end of the 2nd quarter you could see they were changing strategy and by the 3rd they would really get rolling. Now nothing seems to change and the results show it. Was it all smoke and mirrors ? I don't think so because again the personnel basically stayed the same except for Best and then Sheets getting hurt. I'm just lost to what happened.

KS = Kory Sheets, DD = Darian Durant, WD = Weston Dressler, JS = Jock Sanders, NH = Neil Hughes, DW = Drew Willy, CG = Chris Garrett

Rushes per game:

W - KS - 17, JS - 7 (24)
W - KS - 26, DD - 2, DW 1 (29)
W - KS - 26, JS - 3, DD - 2, DW - 1 (32)
W - KS - 24, DD - 2, JS - 1 (27)
W - KS - 25, DW - 3 (28)
L - KS - 14, DD - 2, WD - 1 (15)
W - KS - 19, DD - 3, WD - 1 (23)
W - KS - 24, DW - 2, DD - 1, NH - 1 (28)
W - KS - 20, DD - 3, DW - 3 (26)
L - KS - 14, DD - 8, DW - 1 (23)
L - NH - 6, KS - 4, DW - 2, DD - 1 (13)
L - CG - 9, DW - 2, DD - 1 (12)
L - CG - 5, DW - 2, NH - 1, DD - 1 (9)
W - KS - 14, DD - 3, JS - 2, DW - 1 (21)
W - KS - 24, DD - 4, WD - 1, NH - 1, JS - 1, DW - 1 (32)
W - KS - 25, DD - 5, WD - 1 (31)
L - KS - 11, DD - 4 (15)

27.36 RPG on wins
14.5 RPG on losses

The lowest rushing total in a win was 21, and that was the game they snapped their losing streak, Sheets' first game back, and the first time they really passed over the middle.

Rush the ball and/or pass quick hitters over the middle...all else will follow, and for god sakes, please design an option play.

What really bothers me is that these are basic stats the OC should be tracking through the game, and he should know what has resulted in a win and what has not. Now I know Sheets is a second half runner...blahh blahh blahh...they were still carrying double digits in the first half during wins. If I am Chamblin, I want to see my coordinators stats books a couple days prior to every game, and I want all of them to sit in a room to go over them...that's me though...look and look and then look some more until something jumps off the page for both your team and the one you are playing.

what else does one see at a glance...
in 7 wins they had more than 1 non QB rusher.
Only 1 30 point game had 1 non QB ball rusher.

I'd say the magic number is 25 rushes, 2 ball carriers, get Jock Sanders involved.

Run an option to Jock, with Hughes a lead blocker, the D wouldn't see it coming.

Bring McHenry and Geroy over the middle a bit.

I could not agree more, when we rush lots, we win, when we don't we lose, Now why can't Cortez see that!! This last half of season has me baffled, We have a good O so why do they look and preform so bad!! I'd sooner see WD go long than TS, at least WD can catch almost anything and when he does get extra yards, Bagg and Simon are under used as is Jock on the O this needs to get fixed yesterday. I can only hope the O steps up come play-offs!

What's real demoralizing is Chamblins interview in the Star Phoenix today. He says that regarding Sheets, "well if we're employing a running game and it's not working you don't keep doing it. Plain & Simple." ??????????????? How the f... do you then explain the last 8 or 9 games then. A bunch of shi t is obviously not working yet it's the same lame as s game plan every time with no attempts to change it. And as for Cortezs' "my way and that's it" get him the f... out of here and fast. Who the f... does he think he is? Lost total respect for this a hole. And for Chamblin to let it go on, respect for him is waining fast. And all this bullsh.. talk from some of the players on how they are going to come back to Calgary in the west final and beat their as s because we are the better team. NEWSFLASH, you idiots aren't even going to be back in Calgary. B.C. has way more class than Riders and will not lose 3 straight to them. Kijiji is going to be a busy place the week leading up to the G.C. Mark my words. At least Sask fans will finally be able to witness a bail out, as Cortez refuses to provide them with one, which would maybe take the sack number against down to about 10 per game.

Run not working? 4 attempts in the 1st half, 7 in the second. He had 32 yards on those 7 carries, incuding a coupel that were just line busters for the first down. How can a run game de establised on 11 caaries when he carries the ball double that any time they win lol. He is a back that gets stronger as the game goes on, and they were up against the #1 pass rush in the league...yup...lets be one dimentional lol

At any rate, I don't think the season is exactly a writeoff. BC is beatable for a 3rd time in a row. Can they beat Calgary in Calgary...well, this was aplayoff atmosphere, they played stupid, and took it to the wire. That said, when Calgary plays the winner of BC / Sask, they are not going to turn it over that many times again, so whatever O is playing better show up...Calgary's will.

When Cortez mixes in the runs and short passes, he can look like a genius. When he doesn't, well, look at this forum.

Can't agree more.