Anyone else concerned that we really aren't getting any pressure on the QBs?

No im more concerned on how many passing yards were giving up to much zone coverage

We are missing someone to fill in for Fred Perry/John Chick. We either need to send more blitz off the weak side end, or find someone who can play that end. Jones is a good linebacker, but in my opinion can't play the end.

No, we've been getting fine pressure. We just don't get sacks, but we have a lot of hurries.

The secondary has been good... bend but don't break. the zone coverages are my only concern. although ritchie hall and eddie davis and the boys know what they're doing so i'll leave it t their capable hands.

the d-line is getting pressure, just not soon/often enough. i dont think the problem is with the ends, but rather up the middle.... need more push from schultzy and adams. also from what i saw of the game im finally comming around to start to like sean lucas. although i still want him to prove more to me. (like when tackling lumsden)

all in all a good showing, not pretty and kept me on the edge of my seat when i was able to watch from work.