Pressure huge here on Regina

FYI...Being at Riderville last night ...there is a HUGE amount of pressure on Sask?
I like our underdog -
Happy go lucky place we are in.

i believe it thats why they been down playing it all week but watching the videos and reading articles there like a house with no curtains. You can turn out the lights in a house with no curtains but nerves have nowhere to hide.

Thanks for posting updates from Regina, Killer91. Good to know that Cats fans will not be unrepresented, even though we are terribly underrepresented.

Hope you have a great time at the game!

It's hard to describe but Rider Nation is pretty massive when you are swallowed up in the middle of it but there is a lot of love from the rest of the league!
Btw people in Regina in General have been very warm and welcoming !
gonna be a great environment -nothing Hank hasn't seen before!