Press Conference?

I was under the assumption that there was to be a Press Conference today introducing George Cortez and Henry Burris to the media at 1pm?

Is there no live press coverage?

CHML has a live audio feed.

Go to and click the Listen Live link. It's on now.

Yes. Cool - thank you. I thought there would be live Ticats Tv coverage or CHCH coverage....ahh well...thanks again!

Thank you for this!

[url=] ... ID=1637413[/url]

above is a link to a short interview with coach cortez from today.

cortez will be on primetime sports on the fan590, or sportsnet in a couple mins.

Cortez announced that he would be the team’s offensive coordinator as well as the other
two jobs he is taking on. I hope he isn’t taking on too much. :cry:
He admits that he has a lot of reading and film reviewing to do and wishes he had a two week
vacation to help catch him up. :frowning: He made it a point to watch Friday night football while he
toiled with the Buffalo Bills.
Lets hope he is the guy who will lead this team to the promised land. :thup:

Here's a short G&M video interview with Burris at today's presser.

[url=] ... le2298040/[/url]