Press Conference

will be at 12:45 local time...

CJOB Reporting that Lyle WILL resign...

Forzani says he will announce the new president after the Xmas break. I think this was the plan the whole time by Lyle. Asper missing his deadline is why this is a bit of a mess. Of course the board would like to see Bauer stick around until Asper shows up with the money (He many never) or he may ask for another deadline. That's not Bauer's problem. He did a great job for the Bombers up until the team was "purchased" by Asper. Leaving Kelly behind for Asper and the Board is like leaving a rented cottage without flushing the toilet.

He'll be a good fit in Calgary, Huge management infrastructure, Forzani's ressources always available. Lyle's main job will be to represent the team at the League level.

Leaving the next VP to decide Kelly's fate, as it should be his choice.

Sigh...more 'Hurry up and wait'

Ken has no choice, he can't make any statement that has not been agreed to by the board... Looks like Lyle's resignation has really caught them by surprise. He says they have been dealing with this issue for 3 or 4 days but said yesterday that he hopes Lyle would stay, that one is hard to understand.

The good: A fresh start what is made of it is in the hands of his successor and the team is not hung with his salary.

The bad: The board has no plan B, They are stuck dealing with the Kelly issue and their weakness could have a repercussion on the commercial relationships of the club.

Kelly may as well just apply for that job too. Save the team a few bucks, and he'd be a hoot at BOG meetings.

Well this didnt surprise me one bit,I think I actualy said this in a thread last month some time,that he would leave on his own.

This entire Bauer thing has me confused though.Can he really go to another team if he chooses to do so, if he decides to quit,the man still had a contract,and if someone decided they no longer wanted to work for a team and has a contract,they should not be able to work for another team,for the length of it but still not get paid.If they choose to go in the private sector no problem,but going to work for the enemy,not a good idea.

All he had to do was give the proper notice before resigning and he can go anywhere. He's not going to get paid by the Bombers because he resigned. His contract has ended with his resignation. If he had been fired it would be different.

I guess what im trying to say Blue Blood is,why do we have contracts to begin with?If management can break them and go work for another team,I mean the BB should drop hints that,if there are any QB's who would like to quit their currant club,they should quit on their team,doesnt matter if they have a long term contract,and come play for us.Whats the diff?

And I like Bauer,and think it was his time to go,but calling in your press conf from Utah was pure BS!Have some respect for the ppl that supported you.Now all I want from him is to come back to the Peg,and kiss the running prop on a Bomber.I hope he fails wherever he winds up in football now.

Player contracts and upper management contracts are two different colour horses. Players contracts are pretty standard and have to be inline with the CBA while upper management contract (President/CEO, GMs, head coaches) are personal services contracts which are usually more individualized although there would be a lot of pretty standard clauses.

Lyle Bauer thought it was time. If he wasn't going to have his heart in the job then I agree it was time for him to go. I wish the decision could have been made quicker. With everything that's happened there's a lot of things that need to get done and not a lot of time.