Press conference-Thursday

According to RDS,the Als have called a press conference for tomorrow. It is anticipated that Mr. Trestman contract will be extended.

If so,great news. Furthermore, I would not be surprised if Mr.Popp contract is also extended by 3 years.


Wow, if you're correct, Richard, this is fantastic news! :rockin: :rockin:

I hope its to announce an extention

Very cool.... Knowing how the Doctor appreciates winners, Marc probably got rewarded nicely for his Grey Cup.

The Doctor?

CJAD is reporting the contract extension!

Hopefully, this might bring back a certain #86 :wink:

This is the greatest news. People in Montreal just love Marc Trestman and appreciate the importance he has in the team's success. I think it is a great gift to us fans.

Jim Popp's renewal is just as great news, but may unfortunately fall in the shadow of Marc's contract extension.

Excellent news! Looks like some more vets looks at Ben Cahoon may decide to stick around a little longer as well. :rockin:

Crimson ! What did you do to that picture ? Sit on it ? :twisted:

Great news :thup:


3 more years!!!!!( the 1 remaining plus 2 more)

It seems he actually signed early in the season but did not what it announced until now so that it would not take attention away from the team

I'm giddy. :smiley:

I can't wait to see what Marc has planned for the team in 2010.

Just listened to the press conference on Marc is one classy individual. :thup: :thup:

I especially liked the comment where he stated that after nearly 30 years in football, he has never enjoed going to work as much as he does in Montreal.

I thought the same thing…and where he thanks the fans