Press Conference Friday.....

According to CHML .....

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The article starts... "According to sources..."

Obviously the Montreal newspaper is a source now lol... and they actually managed to spell Taaffe's name wrong.

Wow the Hamilton media never disappoints.


Ok, I confess to being the "source"

CHML dropped off some 'super-duper' Batman binoculars a few days ago and asked me if I'd keep an eye on Runway 29er at the Hamilton this morning I saw, through the mist in the backyard, a sleek black and gold Tiger Jet touch down , taxi by and a window opened!.........there was Charlie Taaffe waving a Ticats flag, a contract and doing a great "Oskee Wee Wee"

I phoned it in to the sports desk :cowboy:

Welcome to the new coach! 8)

(my finders fee for the scoop is a twelve pack of Bud...hope it gets here soon!)

On a more serious note, if anyone has info on when clips from the presser will be available on, could you please post the details here?

Oski Wee Wee,

And all Taaffe saw was a set of lips coming in low and fast for his hindquaters. Poor guy wont know what hit him.
He'll want to re negotiate his contract when he finds out what he has to put up with from the "cheerleaders".

Good one Zontar! .....If I ever get traded off this website, you're coming with me!'s a great act we can take on the road! :wink:

Seriously, Coach Taaffe just called and he wants to know if I have a heads-up on where he can get ahold of Andy Petek.....I'll convince him to extend Boreham's contract at the same time.... :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

Will there be Free Booze?

I am Thrilled if this is True...

He was best Man for the Job...
Glad our GM got the Job Done

Makes about as much sense as giving a case of Bud to a guy who says he doesnt drink.

Getting a hold of Petek?
Try Big Sky region Walmarts.

Seriously,we can only hope Charlie, MD, CS etc. have the freedom to bring in the coaches and players, now and throughout the season, to build a winner.

I wonder if Zontar would be willing to make this ultimate sacrfice for the betterment of this site.


Did you tell him Andy was staying at your house?
LOL Oh I love this fun loving back and forth bantering.


are they gonna have free food and drinks there?

Not sure, but I can think of one person who would know the answer to that.


11:00 Tomorow Is the Offical Annoucement.
They had Photo Op Today with him

Yes he arrived at Mount Hope Airport
just 1/2 hour before the Sports came on.

The cameras got video of him walking
through the airport with bob an Marcel
It was Photo Op only. No interview.


Coincidentally, the Ticats Staff
are having their Christmas party
at the War Plane Heritage Museum
there tonight. :o :slight_smile: