Press Conference - 10:30 am Monday, January 14, 2008

per 900 CHML:

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"...He and team president Scott Mitchell will meet with the media at 10:30am Monday morning."

Thats the first bit of accurate information CHML has posted in like 5 days.

I wish they Move the Ticats Game to FM Radio.
It hard to find AM Radios.

I spoke to Bill Kelly About Taaffe Gate On his 900 CHML Show Today . We talk about how this not talking to Local Media Hurt the Cats.

And he agreed with you. But then, what do you expect a guy in the local media to say? With all due respect to Mr. Kelly, why should coach Taaffe be obligated to call the local media to tell them what was happening in his private life. The whole story here is that the media, including CHML, reported it wrong and got the fans all in a tizzy. Don't hear any apologies coming out of the local media for getting it wrong, do you?

Very good point, lost in all of this is that instead of waiting for an announcement our local BROADCAST PARTNER 900 CHML ran with the story and started interviewing people from WVU, and we know it was to try and scoop the Spec. The Spec reported facts and simply directed people to the articles in question while CHML ran OFFICIAL reports and used words like CONFIRMED, OFFICIAL and GONE.

CHML could have waited for the Cats to release their statement like the Spec did before reporting facts.

Can anyone bring us up to date on what was said at this press conference? Tks

I am sure They'll post a Link to video clip soon.

There is an audio clip on CHML but it won't play.

The video will be uploaded shortly.


Is it just me or has the field of journalism really taken a downturn since the rise of internet blogging and the increased popularity of tabloid journalism.

To me this whole situation could have been averted if the local paper had done it's due diligence and did some research on the topic and investigated rather than just relying on speculation, rumours, and heresay.

It just seems like nowadays you can just start a website, make something up, and the story grows a life of its own.

I can't fault the Ticats organization and their handling of what happened at all because I don't think anyone actually knows what to do to stop rumours.

Ok, I am now going to excuse myself and get my copy of US Weekly. I wonder what Britney has done this week and what celebrity couple is having a baby next!

K-Fed 4 life!

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In my humble opinion, the internet has increased the avenues we have to information. Of course, one has to always think critically and independently, but the Main Stream Media finally has competition.

Tom, I caught the tailend of your call on CHML today and you did a great job.

Kudos to Charlie and the team for having the presser in timely way.

I understand and can empathize with Charlie regarding the stress that weighing important options and opportunities can entail. I'm glad he got to give his side of events in the flesh today.

The way things were handled re disclosure issues is for other threads. I sincerely hope Charlie and the team can move on with the crucial offseason tasks necessary to build for a successful training camp and a battle-ready team come Week One.

P.S. The Spec video link page has "taffee" in the title bar...UGH! :slight_smile:) Ummmmm dear Ed, get the responsible monkey butler to correct it and we can eBay off the reward banana's peel for charity, 'kay? LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

This morning's press conference can be viewed on Ticats TV by clicking here

Well I for one am very pleased with the way Charlie was forthcoming and I thought honest. In life sometimes opportunities come your way and it's only right to consider them, even if it means pissing some people off, ALWAYS a person needs to look out for number 1 first and foremost especially if you have a family involved.

I'm glad Charlie decided to stay I really beleive he has the skillset turn this thing around and like he said finish things here before moving on to his next challenge. I look forward to the upcoming season and a new beginning in TiCat land.

After watching the newser, my opinion of Charlie just went up several notches. I thought he laid it all out quite well.
Two big issues were apparent...the wrong story about him in the WV newspaper...and the fact that this whole affair has solidified things for him and the team.
And he was sure right when he said that when football is all over all you have left is your family.
Case closed. Back to football and lets hope Obie and Charlie can work some magic and get a highly competitive team on the field this season.

I just watched the first couple of minutes and when Charlie said he went down to Morgantown WV to hear what they had to say I shut it off. Thats all I needed to hear. I don't want him if he feels that dancing around integrety issues with technicalities makes it OK to consider a job while under contract here and his position has been solidified under the new regime

Same thoughts My opinion has also gone up for Charlie and the what was said in clearing the air perfect timing as I got my renewal in the mail with quite a increase for Box K wow!
I'll still wait to see who our D coaches will be :wink:


Maybe you should go back and watch the whole thing before you start forming opinions about integrity, Charlie was there with his kid as they are doing university hopping, they also went to the U of Pennsylvania hopefully he doesn't have any friends there, the WVU visit was a SCHEDULED visit for his kid.

gotta love forming an opinion on 1/4 of a story huh?

I was glad I watched the whole press conference as Charlie was very forthcoming with his comments regarding family and the TiCats.