Press box

Who do we have in the press box and should we look at moving the DC there?

Creehan was upstairs in Week 1 and we know how that turned out.

Well, 1 data point is worth making a change. Who is up there now? Most teams have the OC or DC up there bot since Cortez is the OC and we all see Crehan on the sidelines during the games as well as the special teams coach, I don't know who is up there.

Does the press box give coaches the advantage of reviewing plays on video? If so, I think this would be a good
place for Creehan to spend his time. Even without this vantage point, you can see plays quite well from high
up in the stadium. This vantage point, I would think, would give a coach a full view of the players and the
unfolding of plays, whereas, at field level, it is possible to miss a lot.

I've learned this as a fan when I sit too close to the field. My opinion only.

To Chewbaca1973’s question – Sams, the QB coach is up there for sure and I believe it’s Zamberlin for the D.

And to rocky123’s question – All the coaches in the box get to see on their in-box screen is basically what TV viewers get to see on TSN and those coaches are watching the action from the same vantage point as the game films they study every day are recorded.

Stubler, Jones, Nelson, and Reinebold are all at field level. Burke and Hall like being up in the spotter's booth. Not sure about Campbell. It boils down to the coach's preference.

Given how well our defense has played so far, I have a suggestion where Creehan can sit. hahahahahaha

I do believe LB coach John Zamberlin is upstairs representing the Defence & QB coach Doug Sams is there representing the offense. Watching Creehan on the sidelines during the game, I shudder to think how much more disorganized the Defence would be with him upstairs given the intermediaries & relaying the call. Though I do agree he needs to do a little observing at this point. I'll buy him a ticket anywhere in the stadium as long as he's not making the calls!