Are the Preseason Games gonna be on TV?

.........nope......they are going to be played on football one.......

To steal from an old Monty Python quote,

"I always liked football on television, but I keep going out of bounds"

I dont think any of the pre-season games will be shown on TV

None of the games are televised. TD Atlantic was supposed to be but since the game was cancelled......

As much as I want to see CFL football, trust me, you don't want to watch those games.

they should televies the third week of the pre season if that idea ever flys.

And you base this opinion on what?
Have you ever seen a preseason game?
The only one I am aware of is last years TD Atlantic so based on one game you start giving out advice!


On Radio maybe???

I think Montreal broadcast the preseason.


but c’mon guys, as far as football games go, that was a treibble game! only thing good about it was it ended in a tie and the reply got tested. that NFL preseason game in Canton Ohio (yes, different fruits but) look alot better.

based on that game, that is my general opinion on preseason games, and am I wrong for thinking that way? poprably, but shoe me one good preseason game, and I’ll chage my mind.

yes kanga you are 100% wrong(as usual) to comment on every preseason game past and future based on 1 game!

Exhibition games are usually sloppy, and poorly played. TV ratings would likely be down so it probably wouldn't pay for a network to do them.

TD Atlantic is more of a novelty, but if they did it year after year, I bet the interest from TSN would wane.

That's because people don't watch the right thing when watching a preason game.

If you watch to have the same show you'll get all year long, of course it'll look sloppy. But if you watch to see what your team has in store with its backups, then you get to discover plenty of interesting things.

I am interested in seeing what the new rookies in Montreal can do. I don't care about the score, but my interest for those games is high.

You've got to know WHY you are watching these games. Its like choosing a movie. If you feel like seeing special effects, movies like Mission Impossible III might be suited for you. But if you want to watch an interesting plot, that same movie might not fit your interest.

Good points Third, But I must confess that I do curse the sloppiness at times, but like you pointed out, I'm always curious to see what backups will do....(I did enjoy watching Buck Pierce and Jarious Jackson last year in pre-season) can always use the theater of the mind broadcasts...'.radio'...local radio stations usually carry the pre-season tussles...I listen to them to get a handle on ....who's ...who....potential position changes...and there will certainly be battles for different spots on the clubs...and that's always entertaining...past that....I can't wait till the reg. season starts and the real game begins.. :arrow:

... and I was very impressed by Philip Gauthier. I can't wait to see that young guy get a real chance to step in. If my memory's good, he had two sacks and roughed the QB a few more time in about half a game (playing in Duane Butler's stead).

show me ONE preseason game that is good football, Ro, and I'll chage my mind.

and btw, it's not like I'm not doing what you once did before.

tock the words out of my mouth, players and teams need these games, but only ture fans will watch and enjoy them who live near by.

How can you tell me they are not good football when you havent seen any?

I saw TD atlantic, nuff said. compaired it to the NFL's Hall of Fame preseason game in Canton Ohio, nuff said.