Preseason Week 2 -- Game Chat

LeFors looks terrible, from what I've seen so far ... 8/20 at halftime. Not starting QB numbers.

McPherson looked good coming in and getting a quick TD on his first drive.


crossover again????

Good thing he didn't need to throw, just give it to Giles.

...stay tuned.... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

....Bombers just gone ahead......not that pre-season says a lot......but hey Bombers last....i don't think so....i think you may be a little off on your take drum.... :lol: ...Even if we lose this one.....we won't be in the basement... :wink:

Guys, it's preseason. Both teams are tuning up. Let's just enjoy the game.

Not a good start for the Riders. Can't capitalize on the turnover and then give up a long TD drive.

Maybe we need a QB, and we shouldn't have let all those guys leave on D.

...hey ...and i'm just tuning-up for 09.....and funnin' with drum....cuz he sure is not being serious with that take... :lol:

I hate to say it, but it could be a long year for us Rider fans...

Fair enough. :slight_smile:

Bombers look good tonight. If Kelly can keep his squad playing at this level when the regular season starts, the Bombers are going to make some noise this season.

I wonder if that means that Durant will get the start next week. Comes off the bench with a nice poised drive.

And the merry-go-round continues.

Cody Pickett is putting up some nice numbers.

Why would you say that? We're right where we want to be: just about every pundit puts us in the bottom half of the division and 3/4 of the Rider fans agree (including yourself??). Just like the last two years ... and look where that got us :rockin: :rockin:

Just looked at the Edm / BC game. Ricky Ray is 0/2 but they're up 7 - 3 on a 113 yd Tristan Jackson missed FG return.

Who needs an offence when you have special teams.

Winnipeg 2nd easily, their defence is far superior to that of Ham and tor. Better receivers and running backs, Lefors will be fine.
Toronto is going to be a complete disaster, they have done nothing to improve and there coaching staff has no expierence and have not surrounded themselves with coaches that know the game. Hamilton will be better,but still have a long way to go.

No crossover, SK will struggle this year. BC,CGY,EDM will be the class of the league. I

BC's defence is out to make a statement. After Sask gave up 500 yards last week, BC gave Edmonton 15 yards of offence in the first quarter.

Stevie Baggs is a freakin' beast ... 4 forced fumbles in limited pre-season action so far.

You guys seem to be putting a lot of stock in the preseason. About two quarters of each game was played between guys of whom nearly half will never see action in a real CFL game.

Remember: last year Hamilton was the only team in the league to go 2-0 in the preseason, and they were the worst team in the CFL at the end of the year.

From a fan's perspective, it's always nice to win, even in preseason. But neither winning, nor losing, nor any individual or team performance gives us any indication whatsoever of what is to come.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed watching the preseason. I did, particularly Otis Floyd's 95-yard return of Kerry Joseph's fumble. I familiarized myself with my new surroundings, having changed seats this off-season. And I started getting my voice tuned up for all the yelling I expect to do this year. But keep in mind that starting next Wednesday, we are going to be looking at completely different teams on the field.

I've only been able to listen to the games on the radio, so from that limited perspective I give you:

Montréal 12-6
Winnipeg 10-8
Hamilton 8-10
Toronto 4-14

Calgary 12-6
Edmonton 11-7
B.C. 10-8
Saskatchewan 6-12

73 wins and 71 losses doesn't add up. But by week 19, I'm sure you'll figure it out.

He's probably counting a couple Winnipeg losses as "moral victories".

Also, interesting that Toronto, who, apparently on the basis of their victory over Hamilton, is going to win 4 fewer games than the Tabbies.

Hamilton could do well but they really have got to get more disciplined as a unit. I know it's preseason, and they have a lot of new faces, but at some point you have to play mistake-free football if you want to win games.