Preseason threads last year

After seeing some of the comments regarding Tillman this past month, I thought it would be interesting to see what was said about him last year with his changes.

These are a few of the players he didn't bring back:

And looking at the majority of the comments, Tillman was ripped for ones that he made (i.e. Butler trade where several guys said "I guess that means we are stuck with Joseph starting") and ones he didn't make (i.e. bringing back Bush or Morgan). I may not like some of the moves that have been made, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

After all, we did win the Cup and a lot of the players that were responsible for getting us there were brought in and fit into place with excellent existing players. Here's hoping he is doing the same thing again.

Oh yes,
how I remember the doom and gloom some had in June last year....

No Omarr Morgan, no Davin Bush.... we are going to get blown out in the secondary. What is "Chia Pet Head Tillman" thinking? Then in November, it is the play of the new secondary that wins the big one for the rider's. And Morgan and Bush are both cut from their new teams after one season.

No Kenton Keith, .... what are we going to do without him? The 'riders had the best running game in the league. We will never win without him, especially late in the season when the weather turns cold and the Saskatchewan winds make a passing game impossible... And then there arises this unknown guy named Wes Cates

No Nate Davis...The man was a predator on the D-line. What are we going to do without him? (I predicted that Marcus Adams would outplay Nate Davis and some scoffed at my suggestion and guess what? HE DID !!!) And Nate Davis doesn't last 1/4 season with his new team and is replaced with a guy who is 5 ft 9.

What a fool Tillman is for trading Dorsey ... Cut in the preseason by Winnipeg

What a fool Tillman is, What a fool Tillman is ... yada yada yada.

There are 50 reasons why we won last year... 42 players, 6 coaches, 1 trainer and 1 GM... and add to that 28,000 cheering fans.

Thank goodness we who post on this forum aren't running the team.

Most of what you say is right, but the Dorsey thing was far from a moment of brilliance, for either SK or Wpg.

Hey what can we say about Dorsey, Holmes, and Keith? We love our running backs here in Saskatchewan. This Griffin guy better be good!!!

Do you still think Rider games are boring?

go riders!
We miss you KJ

For one our defensive backfield was the worst it has looked in a while, so I still don't praise Tillman for that. They had a good game in the Grey Cup against a rookie.

I don't really recall anything being said about Nate being cut, he was out of shape and could only play 2 downs at a time, even Shivers make a comment while he was here.

Tillman said he would had loved to have Keith back and still is a better back then Cates even though i like him.

They one i don give credit for is bringing in Flick but other than that i don't eat my words especially about Bush and Morgan.

Okay... seeing how both teams struggled to make it to the Grey Cup game without him. :roll:

Dorsey did wind up being one of the best special teams players with the Argo's, but I think in part some of that is attributed to the Argo's already having a very good special teams.

And bigj, our secondary was quite good against Burris and Dickenson, who aren't rookies. They were just finally healthy again.

I seem to remember in the Calgary game we gave up a big play touchdown near the end of the game and the only thing saving us from Calgary having last possesion is the guy on the other side of the field went offsides on the onside kick. So almost a fatal mistake madeup by the Calgary cover guy.
The B.C. game pressure was the key. Chick, Perry and the linebackers were all over the quarterbacks. So still stand by my comment.
Tillman did win a Cup i'll give him that but he potentially went over the cap which could cost us a first overall pick which could be that o-lineman your talking about. My problem is not getting rid of Joseph its keeping the injury prone players from last year(Dominguez, Davis, and Szarka) to not have room.

Maybe it would interesting if you put the people on the list Tillman actually had the possibility and intent on signing. Both Kieth and Richardson had no intention of being in training camp last year. There was nothing Tillman could have done to stop that. In terms of Morgan, Tillmans comments about signing are about as valid as his comments about giving Hunt a legitimate offer. So who does that leave Dorsey, someone Tillman admitted in hind sight might have been a mistake.

The problem is most of those guys aren't injury prone bigj, how many times have Szarka and Eddie Davis been injured with the Riders? Matt D is the only injury prone guy we have, and I think he did in fact take a bit of a paycut.

I think we'll be alright this season, but im an optimistic person.

The comments about the trades of last year are really the same as people are saying about the trades we have made this year. Relax guys the season has not even started.

Guess we will find out if the trades pay off or not.