Preseason Testers

seeing as this will be my first year doing a CFL pool, im gonna do a preseason test run, and i need 5 testers to give me feedback and ofr me to see how much work this takes.

1 spot is already taken…PM me to fill up the rest of the spots.

3 more needed…

Curl is in.

I’ll try…

If RedandWhite is in, I want in too. There’s no way I’ll let him brag!

thats 6 but okay ill give ya the details a bout a week before preseason, anyone know when that is.

…you going down 3/10, eat my dust…

so…Third, RandW, Curl, Bamboo, Liontamr, and rtk 350.

…alright! I’m already in second place…

good luck man

… and look who is first! I like the way things go. I’m not changing my team now.

new order…Bamboo, rtk 350, Curl, Liontamr. RandW, Third

damn… im to late to join arnt i?

just for testing, u can still get in on the real thing, this is just for people testing it out if i have to make changes.

Explain the rules & then I might join.

as i have said before…this is just for testers in the preseason, i got a basic plan, but i will get the testers input to chnage things around for the better.

when the regular season starts, i will tell u all the rules and guidelines, and then ill accept people who want o join AFTER THE PRESEASON

How Are You Going To Contact The Lab Rats, Or Lab Dogs As The Situation May Be


Well I Mean How Are You Going To Get Our Picks From Us, Will You Just Be Doing A Thread Divoted To Only 6 People Or Will It Be Done By Private Message. The Lab Dog Thing Was Directed Towards Curl Dogg

itll probabl be by private message, becasue i might wanna put a limi on people, and if i did a thread, anyone would post and might miss someone or something. but ill be posting results on a thread for sure.

that might change on the info i get from u testers for the regular season, but for now thats how im gonna do it.