Preseason over Regular season predictions please

Okay now that the preseason is officially over let's get a more serious opinion and predictions for the Cats and the league for fun including right to the Grey Cup. I say:

Eastern Division

Montreal 12-6
Hamilton 10-8
Winnipeg 9-9
Toronto 8-10

Western Division

B.C. 13-5
Calgary 11-7
Saskatchewan 10-8
Edmonton 7-11

Hamilton over Toronto 29-12
Hamilton over Montreal 22-21

Calgary over Saskatchewan 32-20
Calgary over B.C. 36-32

Grey Cup >>>>> hey there is no way I am not picking
the Cats Final Score in Toronto Hamilton Tiger-Cats win the city of Hamilton's 16 Grey Cup 27-26 on a last minute touchdown, ah....isn't optimism great.

Here's to a great year for the Cats and the league!

What say you Ticat Nation!!

Winnipeg 10-8
Hamilton 10-8
Toronto 8-10
Montreal 7-11

Edmonton 11-7
BC 10-8
Calgary 7-11
Sask 5-13

geeze Drexl you really must have dug deep for this, REALLY DEEP. I'll play along

Winnipeg 12-6
Hamilton 9-9
Toronto 7-11
Montreal 4-14

BC 13-5
Edmonton 10-8
Calgary 8-10
Sask 6-12