Preseason not just for players...Fans need practice too!

Our Preseaon Game is upon us!

Time to practice up our tailgating skills!

Time to practice up our O’Canada!

Time to practice our Nick Setta Kick offf “OHHHHHHH”'s

Time to practice our “Oskie Wee Wee”'s

Time to practice our “Caaaaseyyyy”'s for his precision pass completions.

Time to practice our "Wholly #$%* Jesse ran over that guy" Exlamations!

Time to practice our “Oh that’s gotta hurt!”'s after Zeke’s devasting hits!

Time to practice up our touchdown chants!

Time to practice up on our "It’s GOOD!" Nick Setta chants!

Time to practice our post game celebrations!!!
(After winning that is!)

GO CATS GO, Good Luck! Play hard and play 'til the end!


Too bad jessie not playing

I'm just happy to be able to venture down to the stadium and watch TiCat football for another season. There's nothing like watching football players come out of the tunnel out onto the field to get it on. Yes, baby, yes!! Ok, maybe just preseason but the banging of the pads and helmets is here and for real!

Jare, you forgot the most important thing we must practice...

Argos $uck!

(pardon my language, but "Blue team $ucks" is too difficult to say).

Time to practice the curse words and groans of pain at our PA announcer's "Just Setta and Forgetta"

Thanks for reminding me. I knew there was a reason I didn't want to go tonight. But...

Glad I could help :wink:

It should be RUN JESSE RUN !
Missed Jesse to-night :slight_smile: :wink: