Preseason is not long enough

The CFL preseason is not long enough. Starters barely get 3 quarters of playing time. It's not even close to long enough for them or coaches, to properly evaluate talent. It makes the first 2 or 3 weeks of the regular season,sloppy, penalty filled and teams completely out of sync. They should have a minimum of 3 preseason games maybe 4 like it used to be.

I agree to a point. Teams have two full games but choose to play their starters as little as possible to minimize wear and tear...

Imagine genius Suitor is saying it should be done away with completely! Shocking that someone making money to cover the league would not realize that without training camp new players would make the game unbearable without a training camp.

2 of 4 preseason games were transfered to the regular season decades ago because preseason games don’t sell tickets.

I wonder if a less cost intensive option might exist like staging intrasquad games between clubs like they do in the NFL.

These games could be held in smaller venues or just at the training camp facilities featuring prospects only with no contact to the QBs.

In this way you get more live looks at your bubble guys playing other teams while you can reserve more of your 2 preseason games to tune up your starting cast.

By Odins beard, no!

Why, just why do people want more meaningless football?

I smell a hint of 'the NFL does it different, and we should be more like them' in the air. Just drop it. Week one ball is just fine. Canadian ball is great!

If you're really concerned about prep and evaluation time, then what really needs to be looked at is the length of daily practice. This is were coaches actually are able to prepare players for games. Not preseason nonsense.

They could extend the pre-season a couple of weeks but play the same number of pre-season games with up to 2 weeks between games
The training camps could start in mid May, a first pre-season game June 1st and the second game in mid June.
No complaints about not enough prep time or complaints about 2 pre-season games in one week. It doesn't make sense that Ottawa plays their only 2 pre-season games on Monday and Friday in the same week, or the Bombers have payed both their pre-season games before the player cut downs.



After a lifetime of experience watching the NFL down here and suffering through August for decades before finding out about the CFL in order to heal my misguided and sordid ways, note that we still suffer through that crap plus all the awful homer coverage plus all the bloated national reporting down here!

Even the NFL owners, though now encountering the challenge also of medical and health matters, have been pushing to shorten the NFL preseason as have the players. But they disagree on how, with the owners wanting to replace two preseason games with two regular season games, and the players wanting an outright reduction of preseason games at least to only 3 instead of 4. I don't see anything changing until the next labour agreement.

Don't do it Canada! If you can't pass it up to lengthen the CFL preseason for yourself, well then pass it up for your country!


That would get my vote. :thup:

Mine also, and I can't believe I actually agree with slim on something.

Has hell frozen over?

Here's my 2 cents worth. The pre-season should be 3 games, one home, one away and one neutral site. With the neutral site ones put them in different towns, don't worry about the stadiums, etc, use what's there so you can create a larger grass roots base and grow the game. Also it acts as potential for expansion.

Chris Schultz agrees with Suitor.

Agreed. This is a great idea.

We used to have 4 games , so there goes your " smell " theory ! The first week of CFL ball is not fine, it's sloppy stuff . I think 3 games is the magic number. Two games isn't enough to evaluate all your talent and get the starters proper prep time.

It's too long.

Three preseason, 16 regular season, with 15 yard endzones, and a 10 team (Atlantic Schooners) league...

Three preseason games gives the opportunity to allow more players (including Canadian QB's) a chance to show their stuff and the possibility of hosting a game at another site...

Dump pre-aseason completely. I want to see games that count, period, even if the play isn’t as smooth. I have little interest in any league’s pre-season games to be honest. One at the very most in football.

Expand preseason games period, :cowboy:

Do we need a poll on this then let the League know? :slight_smile:

Works for me but I can't imagine the League removing 2 games of solid sales/revenue and replacing it with 1 exhibition game that no one goes to.

I agree 18 is too many but it is here to stay. If you add a 3rd exhibition game, play it in cities without CFL teams and give the tickets away for free - or for the cost of donated food.

To be fair, when 2/3 of the teams make the playoffs, the first couple of regular season games are pretty meaningless too.

Which makes it okay, I think. Sure, more preseason would help prep... but those games don't sell, and it's not like a team that is still getting organized in their week 1 game is out of the playoff hunt. Making the season even longer would be poor for player health, and transferring games from regular to pre-season is taking money out of everyone's pockets.

So, I don't see much changing.