Preseason GT -- Hamilton at Ottawa, Thu June 8, 7:30 pm ET

CFL on TSN Pre-Season
Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Ottawa Redblacks

Tonight at 7:30PM ET / 4:30PM PT on TSN3, TSN4, TSN5 and TSN 4K

Finally football is back! Hope to see many of you here tonight as we follow the game.

Oski Wee Wee,


Russ, welcome back!!!
We have an official GDT. :rockin:

Beautiful night for football in OTT

Drew Edwards?Verified account @scratchingpost 4m4 minutes ago
Big night for young #Ticats players like Justin Vaughn & Evan Gill. Need to show they can contribute.

lets hope this is the year, LGTC’s :rockin:

Good to see you, Grover! Should be a great night for football!

Here is a TSN article link for Simoni Lawrence's thoughts on training camp and the season ahead -- ... p-1.772853 .

Hamilton at Ottawa??????

Must be pre-season, my friend. You'll be back in mid-season form in no time!

WOO HOOO!!! Glad to see the GT up! Thanks Russ! :smiley: :thup: Looking forward to seeing how our "potential" Ticats perform!

Never say never...LOL

Sweetness and Light @ 2 colours! :wink:

2 colours have fielded all their starters, It will be a great test for our new guys.
Looking forward to seeing Will Hill, Golson, Alex Green, McGough, etc. etc.
It will be nice if both kickers can challenge each other

Marshall Ferguson?Verified account

It's been 29 weeks or 207 days or 4968 hours or 298,000 minutes or 17,000,000 seconds since a #Ticats football game.

But whose counting! :wink:

Hamilton Tiger-Cats?Verified account @Ticats 4m4 minutes ago

Go time.

FYI folks -- following the game on TSN 1150 radio online, not the TV feed.

Gorman has been in on a couple of plays but so far our D isn't quite matching up to their starters

Well that was easy...just me or a complete lack of aggression. I don't care if we don't have our starters in, show some heart you're auditioning for your job boys.

That was a quick burn....ugh.

8-0 RBs after the two-pointer.

I considered going to this game, but then I saw the depth chart. Recognized maybe fifteen names. And then I saw that it was televised.

Definitely going to the two regular season games, though.

#48 - or is that 49 - definitely needs more time on the tackling dummy!

Didn't catch the number of the returner but it sure wasn't Banks. Anyone notice?

Not a good punt! :frowning:


That's been an area of concern - neither candidate from what I heard was a strong punter! :frowning: