Preseason games

Why doesnt the CFL schedule anymore preseason games in cities without teams? Touchdown Atlantic was so successful so why not? There's nothing to lose...

gate receipts are gate receipts, even if they are exhibition games.

It means the difference between being the red or the black for certain teams. Pardon my ignorance but would you(or anyone else) mind telling me what the hell Atlantic Canada has DONE for the CFL lately to deserve the product? Besides merchandise of course.



What has any city done to deserve the product? Please enilghten us.

Allow me to enlighten you.....Its called marketing the product! Its called testing the market.

Maybe someone out there is will to spend the money to buy a team but he want s to see what kind of responce he will get.....
Millionares are not millionares because the are stupid( well maybe the ones with old money) They are not going to throw away their money with out knowing what kind of return they are going to get

Well they played that preseason game in Halifax, what did they do to deserve it? It was a success... sell out and good tv ratings.

Well, I don't know about Atlantic Canada, but if they played a game in London, I imagine I'd try to get tickets.

I don’t know how well this will go over… but I think that it might be a good idea for the CFL to consider shifting to 3 exhibition games… Each team plays a home and away… and then each team also plays one more in a city that doesn’t have a CFL team… ie: London, Quebec City, Halifax, Moncton, etc… yes it does extend the pre-season (maybe they can start little earlier), but it also spreads the game around Canada without depleting from the bottom line of the clubs involved.

and what stadiums would these games be held in?

Well, in London there is TD Waterhouse. In Kingston there is Queens university stadium, in QC there is PEPS, in Halifax there is St. Mary's, in Moncton there is U of Moncton stadium, in Saskatoon there is U of Sask stadium, and heck even if a place wanted to put up temporary stands, I am sure they would get their money back. I personally believe Sask. should play the pre season game in Saskatoon anyway.

Thats an intresting idea being that a city without a team might be into a preseason game more than one that does. How often do the people in Halifax, London or Quebec City get to see a game live and in person. In cities with teams it's just a preseason game where as in Halifax it would be more of an event, something that doesn't happen every day. I think that is the only way we are going to get the CFL in these cities anyway. Yeah there are petitions and a million sites with a million threads on expansion but in the end neither the cities nor the people with money are willing to invest into a stadium. I really don't see expansion ever in this league and I am seriously begin to doubt if Ottawa will be back. You can dream all you want but a dream is just a dream.

The only way this could work is if the league went with a 3 game set up for pre-season. As season ticket holders we only get ten guaranteed games a year and by the time the pre-season comes along I am too excited to sacrifice a home game (even if it is pre-season) to see it played in an unproven market. It is also much more expensive for two teams to travel to a game compared to one.

First thing you'd have to do is get the CFLPA to agree to an extra game. :roll: :roll:

Knowing their level of cooperation, it would probably go to an arbitrator who would REDUCE the number of exhibition games from two to one! :roll:

well the stadiums you mention are all reletivaly small for cfl games exhibition or not. but lets put it this way. an earlier post mention red and black for team debt. the bombers sold out canad inns at 29,553 5 times in a row, had a very good preseason crowd and put up a minimum of 23,000 the remaining home games, yet after the season was done and over they were still in the red. so ya you take away the profit from the 1 preseason game you make the debt even larger. and by the time training camp starts i go and watch when i can cuz i need my football fix and my preseason game is my chance to see the team live for the first to see what kind of prospects we have.

You do know that the Riders generate more than $1 million in ticket sales from the preseason game? (plus there are store sales, food, etc)That is a significant amount of their revenue! Also 85% of the Rider fans come from within a one hour drive of the Regina! So you would lose revenue, increase costs and piss off a bunch of people that regularly financially support the team!

So are you willing to make sure

It would be nice though to give a little something back for that fan that travels hours on end every week, even if it does mean losing a few thousand dollars. If they jack ticket prices up a bit i bet they could easily break even. There are plenty of other events through out the year to make your money back.

The opposite happens in BC. The Lions give away "tons" of free tickets to amateur football players and their famillies for the pre-season game. They are hoping that "Junior" will ask "Dad" to go (and pay) for more games during the year.