Preseason games on TSN?

Any word if TSN is going to show any preseason games? If so, which ones?

3 pre-season games will be on TSN2,i.e. June 12, BC at Calgary 9:30 pm,June 13, Saskatchewan at Edmonton 10:00 pm and June 19, Hamilton at Winnipeg 8:30 pm. The hours are Eastern time.

For the ones that have RDS, both Als pre-season games will be televised. June 13, Montreal at Ottawa,in Québec city, 7:30 pm and June 18, Toronto at Montreal 7:30 pm.


You could have just gone to the TSN site and got the full broadcast schedule.

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Still a little surprised that the game in Quebec City would not be televised...

I'm disappointed the Redblacks vs Ti-Cats game won't be on. TSN has 5 channels afterall.

I think it's simply a case of production costs not worth the low audiences.

The Toronto/Montreal game will be on TSN2 while the Hamilton/Winnipeg game is not listed on TSN's website as being televised.

I am shocked they wouldn't crack 50%.
TSN was pretty vocal about getting pre-season games on the air a few years ago.

It has really fluctuated over the last few years. IIRC, they televised six preseason games back in 2012 and then only three last year before having five or six last year and we are now back to just three. I suspect that the FIFA tournament has a lot to do with fewer games being televised this year.

I think almost all of TSN's personnel including all their production people for live events are going to be tied up - spread across the country with all the soccer games. Not only are they producing the games for here but they will also be producing a world feed as well for each game. So that will mean huge numbers of their best producers, directors, camera and sound crews, production staff and almost all of their live remote production facilities committed to those soccer games.

Between producing the home country broadcast (on CTV and TSN) and production crews for the world feed they will likely have an army of their production people needed for that on each site. So with multiple soccer venues across the country with each one having a significantly larger than average number of production crew for a typical game - I can understand why we are not getting too many preseason games televised.

The Saskatchewan/Edmonton game from Ft. McMurray will be on the main TSN channel as per the agreement the Esks made with Ft. Mac in hosting the game.

I believe the TSN contract calls for 6 preseason games be televised but obviously there’s an out to that. I’m not sure the numbers are all that great for preseason games.

Women's World Cup of Soccer going on at the same time is most likely why. Not enough production staff.

IIRC, the numbers haven't been bad for CFL preseason games over the years - in the 300k to 400k range.

FIFA...good point.

On June 8th when the Ticats host Ottawa there will be three World Cup Games broadcast on TSN.
Lots of Women World Cup games broadcast on TSN until the 5th of July.

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You would be wrote about that… The ratings are low, but but hey still outdo the MLS’s top rated games by a 3 to 1 margin

I remember a few years ago the Eskimos streamed their home preseason game vs BC on their website for free since it wasn't being shown on TV, with the in house announcer and no commentating. Maybe some of the teams will do something like this in the future.

For those in the Hamilton/Niagara areas who have Cogeco cable, it is likely the case that the Ottawa/Hamilton preseason game will be televised live on the local Cogeco access channel as the Hamilton home preseason game has been televised in this way for many years now (with the exception of one year - 2012 - when the game was on TSN).

Some great points. I think that teams taking on a local broadcast of pre season games will begin to emerge more and more.
As mentioned Hamilton has done it with its home games.
With the streaming available now I cannot see the Riders at the very least doing this for a home pre season game not being on TSN.
Shaw now on as an official CFL and TSN partner games in Calgary where it is a regular CIS stop for ShawTV would be a possibile in the near future. A combonation of Flames S&E, Shaw, and Corporate partners covering the costs.

A game in Quebec City between Montreal and Ottawa. CFL, TSN, RDS, and OSEG would be in their best benefit to have this game braodcast in Quebec Province and Ottawa metro.
I would think the Hunt/OSEG follow their trend they will take the lead on getting this game on a regional network. As they took the lead in getting the game in QC. With McGill available and playing Montreal they could have easily scheduled to play the game their with a lot less leg work.

EDM planned well in advance for the Northern Kickoff. Working with FortMac, Getty, CFL, and TSN to get the opponent they wanted and a deal well in advance to have this as one of the Pre Season games.