Preseason Games on TSN

Has anyone heard whether or not TSN plans on broadcasting all preseason games? It sucked that they only broadcast a handful last year.

Six of the eight preseason games are on TSN or TSN2 -----check out " CFL on TSN" on

Wow that was so easy I almost feel like and idiot.. :oops: lol. Thanks Pike.

Wed June 12 Toronto at Winnipeg 8pm/5pm TSN
Thu June 13 Hamilton at Montreal 7pm/4pm TSN
Fri Jun 14 Saskatchewan at Edmonton 9pm/6pm TSN2
Fri June 14 B.C. at Calgary 9pm/6pm -
Thu June 20 Montreal at Toronto 7pm/4pm -
Thu June 20 Winnipeg at Hamilton 7pm/4pm TSN2
Thu Jun 20 Calgary at Saskatchewan 10pm/7pm TSN2
Fri June 21 Edmonton at B.C. 10pm/7pm TSN

Is there anywhere online that I can see the games that TSN aren't broadcasting? Probably not eh? As my luck would have it the only BC game they're airing is the one I'll be at on June 21. I wanna see the game in Cgy too! lol

It is ashame that they would not allow a Network like shawTV to telecast the BC Calgary game that they are choosing not to air but I guess that they do not want any competition for viewership. sending a cmaera crew fro at least one of the TSN or RDS networks to braodcast the game and at least have it on demand would be nice for those who want to see some of the rookie and Import Free agents who are trying to make the roster or even show it on a tape delay.
I know that TSN owns the rights to all CFL games but would that give them the right to sub contract out to a Network like ShawTV Calgary to come in and Broadcast the game and show it on a tape delay or even allow the game to be braodcast regionally in the Calgary and Vancouver Metro Areas. In the Big Picture that would be in the best interest of the CFL to at least allow the Cities of the two teams playing a chance to see their home teams. This is really the only part the TSN is lagging in as far as coverage. All pre season games should at least be televised in the cities of the teams that are playing.
In the east the little able to be attended Als vs Argso at Varsity should at least have an RDS Camera crew there to broadcast the game. TSN will already be there with the Radio Network in Toronto for the Radio Broadcast so having the game teleised on RDS or even RDS2. would enble TSN/RDS the ratings even if the game is broadcast in digital only because the lighting can not handle the HD.
A small issue but a peeve of mine as I would like to see the games myself at least the replays on demand to see some rookies, NFL Free Agents who may be trying to win a job

CFL pre season games are just as un watchable as other pro sports pre season games. It's a necessary evil and thats why they give tickets away for pre season games. It's a tough sell on TV as well. Just hurry up and start the season when it counts!

You obviously didn't watch last year's exhibition games which were pretty exciting as I remember (I know, you have to keep up with the NFL mini-camps). :wink:

Unfortunately TSN2 is not widely subscribed in B.C. as it's part of a specialty sports package on most carriers. They'll replay the games on TSN2 but that is no help. Perhaps somebody should record CFL games (including exhibition games on TSN2) and upload them up to a torrent somewhere...then fans anywhere in the world could download CFL games and keep them in their archives.

TSN deletes all previous year's CFL games from their library, so they are lost forever. Just like which recently deleted all player stats prior to 2005, making those stats unavailable to fans online...despite full stats going back to 1999 being available last year (hopefully they kept the older stats on a hard drive somewhere but the league just doesn't want fans to see them?...or they're perhaps saving hard drive space?) :expressionless:

Same here in hamilton with Shaw (soon to be Rogers). I cancelled my sports package because I wasn't watching the golf channel, Leafs TV or The Score etc. hardly. With basic cable I get TSN (both HD and regular) but not TSN2 so I'm out of luck. With basic cable I do get Sportsnet and Sportsnet1 (HD and regular) though.

Bell should be sure that basic TV subscribers across Canada with no sports package get TSN2 like Sportsnet1. Or the powers that be should take all sports speciality channels off basic cable and make people subscribe to various packages of sports.

A few days ago, the 6 pre-season games to be televised were listed on the 2013 CFL schedule on CFL site. Presently none are listed as being televised.

On CFL on TSN, only 2 pre-season games are listed as to be televised; they are:

Friday,June 14,2013: Saskatchewan at Edmonton. On TSN2
Friday,June 21,2013: Edmonton at BC. On TSN

Is it possible that 4 of the six games that were to be televised are no longer because of hockey? A shame if so.

Let's hope that it is a mistake and that the 6 games originally listed as being televised will be.


The channel has also been changed. Originally the Riders home pre-season game was TSN2 and the away was TSN; now the away is TSN2. Unimpressed as I don't have TSN2... Might have to get together with a couple people instead of just relaxing into the season on my couch.

Hope it is a flawed mistake; looking forward to watching a Rider pre-season game.

The CFL and TSN will need to get together when scheduling these pre season games to make sure that all game are on TSN, TSN2, RDS or RDS2.
Both Riders games if possible should have their pre season games on TSN as they get top TV audience.
The game in Toronto at Varsity Stadium will only have a limited 5 ,000 seats. Toronto's Radio Broadcast station is the TSn radio Network in Toronto so having the game at least on one of the RDS Networks would allow Anglo fans to watch the game on RDS and listen to it on the TSN Radio Toronto Network.
It would also be then be enabled to be o demand for TSN so that people who can't catch the game or do not have RDS or RD2 would allow people to watch the VOS since it is being televised by TSNs sister French Network.
It is time that all pre season games are also televised live
The pre season rematch of the west final stamps and BC will also not be televised and could generate a lot of interested sub contracting it out to a Network like Shaw at least in the BC and Calgary reason would make sense If Shaw would be willing to do it they already have a Football Boadcast team for CanWest CIS game of the week so they have everything they need to televise a game.
With the Game being in Calgary sould be no problems as they have televised Many a Dino game their.
Just a thought

"In 2013, TSN/TSN2 is scheduled to broadcast six pre-season games"

I would assume a couple week delay in NHL caused a ripple effect.