Preseason games in Calgary and Vancouver tonight (June 15)

Edmonton at Calgary (9:30 ET)

Saskatchewan at BC (10:30 ET) has the play-by-play stats and ticker for both games.

I'll be listening to the Stamps-Esks game on Calgary's radio at .

Enjoy the games!

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Lions and Riders just starting 2nd half.

Calgary 28 Edmonton 3
Sakatchewan 24 B.C. 15

Full results at .

I will post a link when I hear anything on the Brandon Guillory injury. Brandon was hurt in the Stamps-Esks game and was taken off the field by ambulance with a suspected neck or head injury. My best wishes to him.

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" Defensive end Brandon Guillory got tangled up with Calgary lineman Jeff Pilon in the second quarter Friday night when Bobby Singh clobbered him with a helmet-to-chin hit. Guillory lay on the field for 15 tense minutes before paramedics loaded him into the back of an ambulance. According to the Eskimos medical staff, Guillory temporarily lost the feeling in his legs, but was moving his feet as he left the field. He was expected to stay in hospital overnight to undergo an MRI. - Edmonton Journal"

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For those who would like more information on what is happening with Guillory, click here.

Anyway, I thought I'd post a few random notes about these other pre-season games that mostly involve former Ticats.

  • I noticed that David Corley Jr. no longer seems to be on Calgary's roster. The former Ticat was the Stamps third-stringer, and I never heard anything about him getting released. But I have hearing good things about this Akili Smith quarterback they have, he put on an impressive performance.

  • Interesting to see that Kamau Peterson threw a complete nine yard pass. And Adam Braidwood caught on for 16 yards? Am I reading this correctly? I would have like to have seen that.

  • Good to see Duncan O'Mahony back. His punting average was better than that of Dales, but Dales' net punting average was slightly better.

  • Speaking of punting, Boreham averaged 43.9 yards per punt. However, his net punting average was only 36 yards per punt. His punts may still not have very good hangtime.

  • Speaking of Boreham, he was 3/4 and actually made a 48 yard field goal. But he did miss that short one, and so he continues to be inconsistent.

  • Kahlil Hill did not seem to do anything in that game. No receptions. No punt returns. No kickoff returns. Nothing. Very interesting. Although his attitude is questionable, he does have talent and it's interesting to see it not get used.

  • Pottinger had a sack, Fantuz caught a TD pass and had 51 receiving yards, and I already mentioned Braidwood. Just thought I'd mention how those first three picks in the 2006 draft were doing.

Thanks for the update, BYF.

I wish Brandon all the best and that he makes a full recovery.

Oski Wee Wee,

An update on Guillory (June 18)by Perry Lefko of

"By Perry Lefko,

The severity of the injury sustained by Edmonton Eskimos’ promising defensive lineman Brandon Guillory may be known on Monday or Tuesday.

Guillory, who was carted off on a stretcher after sustaining an injury that temporarily left him paralyzed in the second quarter of last Friday’s pre-season game in Calgary, is slated to fly back to Edmonton on Monday.

He will meet with the Eskimos’ medical and football staff, Edmonton director of communications/marketing Dave Jamieson told “He won’t be available (to talk to the media) until he has met with everyone concerned (doctors, coaches) and at best that won’t be until (Tuesday),” Jamieson said. “It’s both premature and highly speculative to talk about the severity of the injury. We’ll have a more complete picture (on Tuesday).”"

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