Preseason Game Thoughts

Kerry Josepf through some really bad throws. there was one deep one to Jason Armstead. He dove for it but couldnt quite come up with it.

Omar Morgan Laid Out Jason Tucker. He was down for at least 10 minutes that was great.

Sean Lucas Did pretty good tipping away a possibly touchdown chance.

Luci Congi looked pretty good got a 52 yarder.

Marcus Crandel didnt do very well either.

Rocky Butler and Darian Durant did much better.

Cory Grant Mad a pretty nice catch along the sidelines.

Allen Burrel did Ok.

Andy Fantuz didnt really do much that game.

Dominique Dorsey did alright too

I have one question Why were they wearing there away jerseys

Shabazz played well. The rookie second string defence was in for a lot of the game and generally did their job.

Bracey (sp)looks to be a possible RB. Strong big guy that powers through.