Preseason Game Televised

It looks like the Maxtron crew and Sastel will be televising the preseason game.

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Does anyone know how to access this game from outside the province?

The game is only available to SaskTel Max customers on their PPV CH 602. It will not be available to MTS or Telus customers or anyone else except SaskTel Max customers. It will be available on CH 48 for viewing after the game until June 20 for Max customers only. Sorry.

Are there any computer gurus out there that know how to set up a webstream?

I would definitely set up a live stream if I had Sasktel Max. I'll look around to see if there is anyone webcasting it and let you know what I find.

Don't have Max myself, but I will be at the game. Preseason games are generally nothing special, you'll get a decent first few quarters of football with the starters and players that are competing for a starting spot, and then it just gets sloppy. Especially so because it's the 1st preseason game.

Sounds awesome. It would be nice to see some of the new players in action.

This has got to be a first! Whoever heard of televising a preseason game before? Ok, so it might not be as good a quality of game as we see later on in the year, but I think it's great that Sasktel has stepped up to do it. Certainly a far cry from the bad old days of the not so distant past of the CBC not even bothering to air anything CFL related until Labour Day, when the season's already half over!

From what i understand it is just gonna be a broadcast of the jumbo tron cameras, so don't expect TSN quality. but are they gonna grab the ckrm radio broadcast for play by play and commentary?

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any news on a web stream? can anyone do that?

If someone posts a link to a web stream in here the stream will be shut down.

PM Roger and me then. :cry:

ya, can't do illegal things man.