Preseason Game -- Gameday Experience Report Card

How did the Cats do with the game-day experience in the preseason game? Any problems the management should know about? Any changes for the better? This 'report card' is my impression. Agree? Disagree? Add stuff I missed.

Food Services

  • Generally good, but getting 2/3 of a cup of coffee is a bit off-putting. This seems to have been related to a single booth in the North concourse.


  • Volume. Much improved, although a bit variable. Still loud, but not painful.
  • Announcer. Much improved, but still has a tendency to overdone hyperbole. Sounds like he's auditioning for a spot announcing WWE or Monster Truck rallies.
  • Objectionable canned noise and messages. Much reduced. Despite the small crowd, people were actually getting into the game.
  • Choice of music. Much improved. Edgier, more suited to a football game.
  • Amount of music. Much, much improved. Mostly, it complemented the game, instead of competing with it.


  • Scoreboard. Now using a normal aspect ratio. I was really bothered by the distorted images last year, and am glad to see them gone.


  • Poker game. Too fussy, too cutesy. Too much trouble to keep track of the card, especially in the wind. Too many cards at once in the first part, and too hard to quickly spot which cards matched your playing card. People around me were getting confused, especially those with multiple cards (for spouses, children, etc).
  • Flypast. Nice. Obviously a bit of a problem with timing....
  • Half time show. Nice idea, poor execution. Honour the Bulldogs, definitely. The video compilation was good. The sappy MulchMusic style interviews were bad. They felt like Leslie was trying to kill some time. Surely the hockey players could have been paraded around the field on a Gator or something.


  • Helpful and friendly. Keep up the good work.

I always say, that getting 2/3 of a cup of coffee is better than getting 2/3 of a cup of beer. :lol:

Beer in cans! I haven't felt so grown up and trusted since my parents first gave me the keys to their car.

Hmm, OK , Now English Please.. :roll:

I was mostly pleased, but have 2 issues:

  1. Still nothing that even comes close to being healthy to eat available. This is NOT rocket science... apple chips, granola bars, fruit and nut snacks... there are so many possible options. PLEASE... try selling something healthy.
  1. Get all the security guards the correct and consistent information. I was told that I wasn't supposed to bring in my camera by security at the gate. We're not talking a camcorder here, we're just talking about a still digital camera that I have had at every game for the past 2 years. I even went to fan services to make sure the rules hadn't changed. They hadn't, the security guard was just not clued in.

A fairly typical pre-season night.
There may be a few kinks but overall a good night.
Blitz, I saw your scuffle and have to be honest...if you're going to try and sell people on that version of events be prepared to have it debated by an awful lot of fans.
In fact some are hoping you come back so they can point you out to the cops, the only punches I saw thrown were by you and your friends and even then the guy they had set on didn't retaliate.

I am 49 though and left my spectacles at the senior center so I could be wrong. :wink:

How is it though that you're being served booze at games, you really don't appear to be of drinking age and from what I saw you were either pretending to be drunk or actually were and you also have a post shortly after the game claiming "wow I'm drunk".
I don't care if you are or were, that's your own business but if the vendors are serving minors it's an issue that does need addressing.

To the person complaining about the lack of healthy foods (granola bars, fruit, etc.)...

This is not rocket science - very few people want that kind of fare at football games.

If you're that concerned about healthy food, show some intiative and eat some veggie sticks, fruit, before the game. I'm sure you pass a few markets/corner stores on the way to the game that sell such items.

The Cats cannot cater to the unreasonable culinary whims of every fan.

Good heavens, some of the inane complaints one sees on this board...

And what the H is an apple chip?

Sounds like something I plug into my PC to get more creativity out of it, or something...

what was the attendance for the game?

Attendance was reported as 20,153 but it looked like less. Probably tickets sold. It was the lowest actual attendance in the Bob Young era bar far in my opinion.

I liked that they greatly reduced the music between the plays. Ambient music’s ok but not with high frequency or volume. A few encouraging organ-esque toots here and there can prod the crowd along but not too much.

I noticed the crowd was a little subdued in this contest other than a handful of isolated drunk fiascos. That was understandable given it was a preseason game where winning wasn't paramount. Hopefully for the home-opener we will have a large, loud and boisterous crowd.

Jason Farr has to change his style. It really sounds as if we're at a WWE or Monster Truck event with him yelling like that. Keep it for the TDs and I'd like to see him make sure he gets off some standard report on the play at least before he goes off yelling on the Ti-Cats' success.

There were some really drunk fans in the endzone who had obviously been to some TFC games. They tried to bring a little BMO Field to Ivor Wynne but I guess what they didn't realize is that soccer-esque cheering doesn't go over so well with the episodic , play-by-play nature of Canadian football. Good on them for being enthusiastic in the beginning but as the game wore on, and their level of inebriation increased, they seemed to revert to pre- Bob Young and current BMO Field hooliganism quite deliberately throwing things on the field just to make trouble for the Event Staff.

Now no offense meant to TFC fans. I quite enjoy the BMO Field atmosphere and even the streamers they toss on the field. But throwing beverages just to make a mess is another thing all together. I really like loud support. Getting to the point of deliberately making the game less enjoyable for anyone else is too far.

I for one used to yell and swear at games thinking this is what support should be. I understand where they are coming from but the fact is, everyone is entitled to enjoy any given sporting event. So be as loud as you can be.. sing, cheer, start the wave... even mosh it up a bit.. get drunk if you want... but don’t do things to take the fun out of the game... especially for the very young, very old, people just trying to do their jobs and people in general.

Which "homo" was wearing the necklace?

Anyway, the staff were helpful, the concessions were too expensive (but I'm not hopeful the prices will come down in my lifetime), wish the program had the Bombers line-up (even for a preseason game), unable to bring in even a small bottle of water, music was fine, 1/2 time show of the Bulldogs was good, fans were excellent if a bit subdued and the game was entertaining for the most part.

An Argo-Cat fine

Good heavens, the absolute RUDENESS of some people on this board.

Asking for even ONE healthy choice available to fans at the games is NOT unreasonable. I'm not asking for all the crap sold at the games to be replaced by healthy foods.. I'm asking for ONE or heaven forfend TWO healthier options. Especially when what I am asking for is pre-packaged (like potato chips) and will create ZERO extra work for the people at the concessions and very little extra work for the ppeople who order the food for the concessions and set them up.

I'm NOT asking for freshly made sushi or freshly made salads with grilled chicken and low fat salad dressing. I understand they wouldn't be a reasonable option for stadium food.

As for eating before I arrive.. I do. Tell me though, do YOU go to a game and not eat a thing for the 3 hours you are there? Probably not... so why should I be forced to do that because "good heavens" I choose not to eat the fatty high calorie crap that the rest of you poison your bodies with??

BTW, I've lost 120lbs in past 18 months and WON'T gain any of it back because they serve complete crap at the games.

It's a slice of dried apple.

Well first off you shouldn't be talking to players during the game, do it after the game.
Secondly, you certainly shouldn't be standing in front of people that pay good money for their seats.
Thirdly, the last 30 seconds of the game are when most people would really like to see what's happening on the field!!
And finally, being in box j I'm sure that person has seasons and has had them for quite some time seeing as it's prime location in the stadium. It sounds more like you shouldn't be "invited back to the game".


Blitz , all I have to say is I was right behind you, and things didnt happen the way you said. No matter what the guy said to you, the guy was twice your age and you and your friends should NOT be throwing punches.
I relize you are probably 21 and full of raging hormones(and a few toooo many beers) but it was uncalled for and its a fellony. It makes you look like a punk.You cant just go around punching people who say something you dont like.If I were you I would appoligize. Fans in box J have great memories....

Well,this is a fine how do you do. The thread is about gameday experience and caiteag had one to write about. If her post does not meet with your high standards of what qualifies as on topic please refreshen us as to what does. Her concerns about healthy food is a valid one. What, it's not cool to be conscious about what you put in your system? Fueling up at home before you arrive at the stadium is a good way to keep your tummy and your wallet happy. Why can't the Cats just hire Richard Simmons to serve food? I think the matter is important enough that they should do just that in order to promote healthy lifestyle. :wink: :roll:

Blitz- yesterday you wrote about not wanting to sit in Section 30 (Family Zone) and I replied that, "those who like it, like it a lot".

Thanks for making my case. It's a great place to sit but should be extended beyond the goalline.

b.s bud, did u hear how rude he was to me? for no reason,i walked down there with my head high tryingto have a good time, he was drunk, n i was sittin there trying to tlk to a player n he like shoved me outta the way and got all lipy.

p.s i didnt throw any punches, i was holdin him back my friends thought he like attacked me but he grabbed me by the neck. lost my chain to:( not ot happy about that, so w.e i talked to a number of fans after and they said i wasnt in the wrong so i dont know where you were standing.

like regardless even if i did get in his way, wiche i wasnt, we r all cats fans are we not? i just dont understand why he would get soo offended its the end of the game ppl are going to get in ur anways. it just wasnt right

Now- my comments. Brought a new family and they enjoyed themselves. It was my son's very important lady's family and so we wanted to talk as well as watch the game. WE COULD! The music WAS toned down so though I didn't like the selection as much it also didn't really matter.

PA announcer was better. It would be nice he had some hard data to announce- like stats.

The games? Silly. Answer 5 questions in 15 seconds when the young lady reading the questions takes 4 seconds to read the first? I'm sure that one will be adjusted.

Noted that the scoreboard animations from the last couple of years weren't there. Are new ones not quite ready yet or was it pre-season in the video booth as well?

See you all on the 7th.

i use to like the music between plays, it always seemed to get me excited